Beyond Kuiper

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Beyond Kuiper
Release Date:November 10, 2020
Series Duration:13 hr, 57 min

Welcome to the Kuiperverse, a riveting, hard science fiction universe co-created and written by Matthew Medney (Heavy Metal Magazine CEO, NYU adjunct professor) and John Connelly (Lockheed Martin Aerospace Engineer).

Starring the vocal talents of Kyle Perrin, Dylan Sprouse, and George C. Romero.

Beyond Kuiper is brought to the audio medium as an immersive sound designed and scored audiobook. Includes twenty-one original tracks (written and produced by Kyle Perrin and Matthew Medney) that are available alongside the Codex as bonus chapters.

The Galactic Star Alliance has been alive and well for millions of earth years. Hundreds of thousands of worlds and trillions of beings move across the many home worlds of the Alliance. This revelation invites many questions: How is faster-than-light speed travel possible, and could cohesive, interstellar civilizations exist without it? Is it conceivable to govern a coalition not of different countries, but of different species?

There are some who believe it is out there. Not as science-fantasy but as science.

We introduce Bernard William Hubert. World renowned astrophysicist, and lead scientist of the seminal company of exploration, Outer Limits. While on loan to CERN, a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions leaves Bernard as the sole survivor. While the scientific community and world look to him for answers, he simply states the unthinkable: "It has to be aliens." Inconceivable to the world, the Hubert family is investigated, and his family's name tarnished.

Disgraced and shunned, Bernard claws his way back into the equation with his new company C.O.R.E. as they work tirelessly to design an engine capable of interstellar travel.

Follow Bernard on his road to redemption and discovery in this ensemble cast of futurism, space travel, and the fate of our species. As for the title, from where would our judges watch us?

The Galactic Star Alliance awaits your exploration.

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