The RPG Apocalypse

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The RPG Apocalypse
The RPG Apocalypse 2
The RPG Apocalypse 3
Release Date:October 19, 2021
Format:Single Narration
Series Duration:35 hr, 47 min

Life isn't a game. Well, maybe it is now.

Every day is the same for Joseph: Study, go to class, repeat. He can't help wondering what it's all for; who it's all for? Life is dull, and there's no prospect of that changing. Is some excitement too much to ask for? "Get to safety if you wish to survive!" Joseph's prayers are answered, but not in a way he could ever have expected. Goblins, ghouls, kobolds, and a myriad of monsters and mythical creatures have spawned all over the college campus and beyond. The carnage is shocking. If he's going to survive the RPG apocalypse, Joseph is going to have to figure out the new rules fast. And if it's wrong to feel so alive...when so many other people have died?

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