Mafia Misfits

Titles From This Series
Sinful Vow
Sinful Redemption
Sinful Surrender
Sinful Desire
Sinful Obsession
Sinful Enforcer
Release Date:June 20, 2023
Series Duration:42 hr, 43 min

Lucia Moretti

I always knew marriage for me would never be to a man of my choosing. As a young girl, I was all too aware of the power I wielded in a world where men were supposed to be the superior gender. To the underworld, I was just a mafia princess. To my family, I was an equal. To my soon-to-be husband? Well, that was yet to be determined. But I prayed Enzo Bianchi was ready for me because I was damn sure prepared for him. Enzo Bianchi The life I’d seen for myself was no longer an option. My entire world had been turned upside down by the very people who were supposed to be family—my_ famiglia_. Us Bianchi men were starting anew—forging alliances with criminal organizations who understood our plight. The plan had been simple, cut and dry. That was until Lucia Moretti showed up with a plan of her own—one I couldn’t say no to. Now everything was at stake, including my heart. _Sinful Vow _is book one in the Mafia Misfits series and can be listened to as a standalone. This story includes depictions of violence that may not be suitable for all listeners.

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