The Thorne of Winthorpe

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Release Date:October 11, 2022
Series Duration:26 hr, 32 min

So sweet. So innocent. So mine. Once I'm finished, Ember Beckett will _beg _me to ruin her.

The greatest mistake Ember made was to step foot in my school. The instant the rumors started, I marked her as mine. It's only natural I became curious about the new girl. She took someone's position in this academy. Someone important to me. And now, she has to pay. The only way for her to survive is to find out the dirty little secrets I keep to myself. I watch the pleasure spark in her eyes as she searches. The desire to participate in my particular...tastes. If she's not careful, I might capitalize on that curiosity, and I'll squeeze her heart until it bleeds. Thorne is a twisted, opulent tale set in the halls of Winthorpe Academy's sordid elite. It contains a possessive villain, foul language, and mature content.

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