The Rise of Oshbob

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Release Date:January 2, 2024
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:18 hr, 41 min

The thing about Artem...

It’s a damn hard city to live in if you haven’t got creds, and for creds, you need opportunities. The thing about opportunities... They’re thin on the ground for Orcs, one of the most reviled races in the sprawling city. If you happen to be an Orc left for dead on the frontlines of Artem’s roving monster problem and stranded outside its immense city walls, then you’re doubly screwed—like Oshbob. The thing about Oshbob... He’s tough, and he's pissed! With a will to survive like few others, he’s determined never to be subject to the whims of the elite ever again. He’s gonna make something of himself. No matter the cost to those around him...

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