Fallin' for a Miami Hustla
Fallin' for a Miami Hustla
Fallin' for a Miami Hustla - Book 1

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Release Date:February 7, 2023
Duration:4 hr, 43 min

Nirvana Hart, 24, had been dealt a bad hand all her life.

As a result of watching her dad shoot her mama and then himself, Nirvana was all alone in the world. The night and shining armor she thought was there to save her was actually the devil in disguise. Being with her boyfriend, Prophet Morris, for six years, all she’d focused on was doing what she could to stay afloat and uncovering the truth about her past. Yet, at every turn, somebody sought to destroy everything she had built. She never imagined she would run into the boy she had a crush on in high school, the arrogant and disrespectful Blaze Banks. The future looked good for 26-year-old Blaze ‘BB’ Banks. Having opened four popular strip clubs throughout the country, he returned to Miami to open his fifth. While some welcomed him back with open arms, others would rather he return to where he came from. With snakes slithering in the grass, shocking betrayals, and secrets at every turn, the last thing he expected was to find love with Nirvana Hart, a girl he knew from high school and the girlfriend of the rival club owner. Even when life threw him a curveball, he managed to dodge all obstacles that came his way but, when his world was shaken up, would he be able to handle the weight? Was Nirvana reaching her breaking point? Could these two find love in spite of the storm? Take a glimpse inside and find out how their love story began.

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