LUX-2: The Pod

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Performed By:Brian Holden
Release Date:November 14, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 16 min

Lux Blakely, the preteen son of a NASA scientist working on top-secret government projects, is not shackled by accepted scientific theory and dogma.

His experiments in gravimetric research and the expanding capability of a nascent AI cause Lux to be closely observed by several government agencies. He discovers a way to use magnetic fields for propulsion, but he needs money. Lux and his friend, Prissy, come up with a way to use his father's developing AI to raise money through social media. Lux is trying to get out of high school and into college at age ten. He buys a survivalist's homestead to pursue advanced testing, but the egos and prejudices of professors hinder his research as they want to wrest control of his technology. Lux makes an alliance with a branch of the military to relieve pressure from his illegal test flights. Prissy continues to expand Lummi's influence and increase her fame and their wealth. How could a person from a DeepFake video give a live concert or get arrested? What happens when a DeepFake personality becomes real? How will the military begin to use his tech?

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