Ryan's Resolution
Ryan's Resolution
The Timeless Void - Book 6

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Release Date:August 29, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:9 hr, 8 min

The Jon Ryan of the distant future has an uncontrollable knack for mischief.

Now it's really gotten him in trouble. If the universe had a principal's office, he'd be sitting outside it for the next million years! They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Look that up, and you'll find Jon's picture in the Wikipedia article. After the evil clan no-time Earth, he simply wanted to restore his home world. And Jon did, but was he satisfied? No. Then he decided to try to repair that timeline to the exact one it had originally been. Talk about a harebrained notion. In the meantime, in the new timeline here at home, a bizarre and unstoppable threat is heading toward Earth. Gigantic building superstructures cruising through space are destroying star systems and using the raw materials left over to make copies of themselves. No civilization, no matter how advanced, has been able to even slow their progress. Facing certain destruction, a desperate future version of Dr. Toño DeJesus risks teaming up with the new-timeline human version of himself. They hatch a plan to save humankind so ludicrous that it just might work. In the post-resurrection timeline, there is, of course, a version of Jon Ryan. With the original Jon off on his crazy quest, the two scientists decide to talk the new Jon into becoming an android. Then—like his counterpart before him—he can save our collective bacon. Why would two intelligent men of science think the new Jon, a veritable rookie, could save us? Well, because their plan includes placing a backup copy of the future Jon in the present one's head. The Toños figure two Jons are not only better than one, but that combination alone could potentially stop the juggernaut Earth faces. And no, neither Toño was drunk when they came up with this scheme, but dealing with the new Jon may well drive them to drink. He's as impossible to handle as his namesake. But, if humans are to survive as a species, it's Jon Ryan to the rescue or it's curtains. Now, no overly-complicated, absurd scheme can be too convoluted, right? Yeah, so the new Jon Ryan's interactions with his older copy yield a most unexpected twist. If the old Jon is to help the younger one, they must first save the present-day copy of his wife, Sapale. She's about to be executed on Kaljax. How many saves can Team Ryan pull off? Even if the younger Sapale can be freed, how are the Jons going to stop the mean buildings in space? Confused yet? Well, they sure are. Listen to Ryan's Resolution to see if achieving even one goal is gonna happen. And please, if you figure out what's going on, let the Jons know. This time out, they're going to need all the help they can get!

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