Wolfpack 2
Wolfpack 2
Wolfpack - Book 2

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Release Date:December 20, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:13 hr, 47 min

They call me Takemi, and I am a mercenary.

I survived a near-death battlefield head injury just to get thrown right back into the meatgrinder. My friends and I survived brigands, beasts, scheming nobles, a rigged tribunal, and oh, more beast! But it wasn’t all bad. My bond with ether helped put part of my fractured mind back together. What did I see? Glimpses of a life lost. A woman I’d failed. But also...a rift forming from the ether convergence. You see, I was there when the collapse started, even though I couldn’t remember. We’re under the protection of the Protectorate now and they mean to use our skills for battle to bring glory to Zurich. Where? The Mêlée_ _of Kings. An ether-rich swamp ripe for conquest. But things aren’t always as they seem. And as I am starting to learn, knowledge might just be the greatest power. My real name is Kenji Nakamura, and I am a survivor.

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