Quick Change Volume 3: Summoner
Quick Change Volume 3: Summoner
Quick Change - Book 3

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Performed By:Joshua Story
Release Date:February 1, 2022
Format:Single Narration
Duration:8 hr, 51 min

Seth, the Adventurers' Guild, and their temporary allies the Transportation Guild made it through the monstrous wilderness to Askua, marking the first known successful travel from Efril to another country in countless generations.

Seth adopts summoner as his secondary class, gaining abilities related to capturing and summoning monsters. Things aren't so happy, though, when they find out that Askua is on the brink of civil war. Seth must try to stay focused on honing his new skills and finding his mother, who is somewhere in this foreign land, a veritable needle in a haystack, as tensions rise between the two dominant factions. Just when it seems like things can't get any more complicated, it turns out that Seth might be on this mission solo. _This novel contains LitRPG/gamelit elements. _

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