No Saint
No Saint

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Release Date:May 2, 2023
Duration:9 hr, 20 min


Virtuous. Kind. Patient. These were words never associated with Gabriel Saint. He was a monster. The devil that haunted the city of Redhill. And he had found me. I managed to hide for a while from my past, present, and future. But I should have known they’d come looking. After all, I had the heir of the city in my arms, and if I know anything about the ruling crime family of this city, it’s that family comes before all else. When Gabriel comes for me, I fight but know it’s useless, and when he forces me to be his wife, I vow to make his life as miserable as possible. But there is something about the man—something I want to unravel and pick apart so I can find all the pieces that made him who he is. What I find is not what I expected. He wants my heart. He wants me to be his wife in more ways than just that piece of paper that binds us. And the more time I spend trapped with the mafia boss in his clifftop house, the more pieces of me he steals. But with this life comes blood and violence, and someone is determined to make us pay. No Saint is a standalone dark mafia romance set in the fictional city of Redhill. It contains content that may make some listeners uncomfortable.

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