Age of Villains

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Release Date:September 6, 2022
Duration:18 hr, 45 min

America’s Superheroes or Enemies of the State?

Aegis’s battle against Damocles ended with the Shield of Justice presumed dead and the President of the United States in a coma. As Aegis's friends and allies cope with this devastating loss, a new authoritarian regime rises to brand all superheroes as public enemies. In truth, Hugo Malalou (Aegis) is now a stranger in a strange and dangerous land, living someone else’s life. He has to find his way home in time to stop this sinister regime’s plan to wipe out all superhumans. With the fate of the country and his peers on his shoulders, Hugo cannot afford to fail. The epic adventures continue in Age of Villains, Book seven of the bestselling Pantheon Saga. This novel contains body-swapping, vulgarity and reality-shattering superhero action. Includes A Paragon Forged: A Pantheon Saga Novella.

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