The Conjuring Man

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Release Date:May 9, 2023
Format:Single Narration
Duration:13 hr, 21 min

Adam has come far.

Once a lowly apprentice, and a powerless one at that, he has discovered a whole new field of magic. Combining magic and technology into one, he has become the leading light of the university. His innovations have made many things possible, from powerful magics anyone can use to hot air balloons and flying battleships. The world has changed beyond hope of repair. And yet, the war is not over. King Ephialtes of Tarsier may have lost one army, but he has others—and secret weapons capable of keeping his aristocrats in check and eventually destroying the university. As the King's people rise in revolt, and Adam and the rest of the university’s population are drawn ever further into the fighting, an old enemy plots his final moves... The final battle between the old world and the new is about to begin.

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