Fury's Gauntlet

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Release Date:January 15, 2019
Format:Single Narration
Duration:24 hr, 51 min

"If there were Gods, they are all dead. We are the Gods now...."

Lord Mal'Bal's depravity knows no bounds. His campaign of carnage, led by monsters of his own forging, paints a stench of death across Lenova. The only hope in stopping the Golden Agony lies in four young heroes. Terrifying aberrations roam secret hallways. Cities burn. Star-Children are massacred. Fields are awash in gore. Finn, Leeya, Goblin, and Altin search for any solution to slow Mal'Bal's tyranny, looking for a way to level the odds against the Lich who knows all futures and creates anti-life with a wave of his hand. Even Wahala, Queen of the Depraved, finds herself willing to do anything, to the extent of breaking her own morals, to stop her near-omnipotent master. Yet there is another force stirring, something writhing in the shadow of dreams, awakened by the cries of war. An entity ancient and sinister has its eyes set on Finn. This time, SunRider might need the help of his dormant bracer if he wishes to survive. The journey of SunRider continues in this epic sequel with battles, mysteries, and quests spanning from Pania, the city of engineering, to Lyria, the floating capital of Lenova - from magical libraries to pocket-dimensions.

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