Cage of Ice and Echoes
Cage of Ice and Echoes
Frozen Fate - Book 2

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Release Date:October 15, 2024
Format:Duet Narration
Duration:Coming Soon

Frankie and her ruthless protectors conquered unspeakable evil. But their fight to escape the hills of shivers and shadows is far from over.

Stranded in Alaska, survival becomes paramount against starvation, hypothermia, and the dangerous predators lurking outside their isolated cabin. Sharing precious body heat with her viciously possessive men presents another challenge. She must navigate not only the brutal arctic tundra but also the intricacies of polyamorous love to ensure they make it out alive. Tensions rise as the ice thickens, and their only hope rests on a plane they can’t fly—unless they unlock the secrets hidden beneath its wings in a cage of ice and echoes. Frankie’s story continues in this second book in the Frozen Fate trilogy by Pam Godwin.

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