Altered Mashup

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Release Date:June 18, 2024
Format:Single Narration
Duration:13 hr, 26 min

One young man tries to maintain his humanity . . . while controlling the beast within . . . in the third installment of this action-packed cultivation fantasy.

  Having been gifted (or cursed, if there’s a full moon) with a powerful Werewolf System, Gary is beginning to grasp the consequences of his new existence. And he has plenty of other things to deal with as well. At school, he’s still trying not to stand out too much while keeping his friends in the dark as to his feral nature, navigating the completely foreign arena of romance with the cute new girl/mayor’s daughter, and confronting one of the most dangerous (and annoyingly cool) Altered humans in the country.   As if all that weren’t enough, Gary’s street gang, just starting to get a foothold, is making much bigger plans for the future, which means surviving a massive impending gang war, claiming other gangs’ turf, and then eventually taking over the world. And Gary’s animal instincts may be the only thing keeping his fellow Howlers from the slaughter.   But perhaps worst of all, the most feared and ruthless rival gangs are looking for Gary. They know his name. They know his reputation. And they know exactly how he became the lethal teen wolf that’s taken the Tier 3 town of Slough by bloody storm. Suffice to say, they won’t hesitate to rip him to shreds to get his system for themselves . . .   The third volume of the hit progression-fantasy series—with more than five million views on Webnovel—now available on Audible and wherever ebooks are sold! 

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