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Work with 750+ authors and 450+ narrators

Library of over 3,000 titles

Audie Award for Best Science Fiction Audiobook (The Martian)

16 Audie Award and 21 Voice Arts Awards wins and nominations

Partnered with beloved and award-winning narrators in top genres through AudioCollab

Podium is an audio-first entertainment company dedicated to developing the careers of emerging, independent storytellers and best-selling authors.  

Podium finances, develops, produces and distributes immersive audio content globally with a particular emphasis on the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance.  Podium gained international notice for turning once unknown author Andy Weir’s e-book The Martian into one of the most successful audiobooks in the world; today the company is an industry leader in its core genres and has been a pioneer in bringing the popular sub-genres of Gamelit, LitRPG, Progression Fantasy, Wuxia and Xianxia to the fore. 

In addition to Science Fiction and Fantasy, Podium also publishes mystery, thriller, young adult, and non-fiction. Recently, Podium has expanded into the ebook market to provide a comprehensive publishing solution to its authors.   Internationally, Podium has partnered with European publisher Saga Egmont to translate and produce select titles in myriad non-English languages. Podium is also focused on developing top IP into film and television properties and is represented by global entertainment agency William Morris Endeavor. 

Most recently, Podium launched AudioCollab, a groundbreaking venture that elevates the most sought-after voice actors working in the audiobook publishing space through multi-year, guaranteed personal contracts in addition to providing resources to develop each voice artists’ social media footprint and fan following.

Work with Podium

We are thrilled to be partnered with some of the top creators in modern audio storytelling.

Independent audiobook publishing is core to the DNA of our company: while we do consider submissions from literary agents and managers, we’re proud that the vast majority of our title acquisitions are independently published by extraordinarily talented authors through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform.

Therefore, if you are new to us and would like to have your work or manuscript considered for publication by Podium, we recommend that you first publish your book on Kindle, then submit it to us through the author form below.

Similarly, while we do work with select talent agents and managers, we also enthusiastically partner with performers directly. We’re always looking for new, professional audiobook performers: if you’d like to submit a link to your website or sample page, please do so through the narrator form below.

Our Team

Nicole Antos

Director of Marketing

Nazila Ataei

Team Assistant

Alyssa Buchthal

Author Relations and Production Coordinator

Stephanie Cicatiello

Casting Director

Jessica Cordner

Finance and Operations Manager

Julie Constantine

Author Relations Manager

Emily Derr

Head of Production

Scott P. Dickey


Cassondra Dolan

Distribution & Production Manager

Marina Ferreira

Production Associate

Victoria Gerken

Publisher and Head of Acquisitions

Hannah Grenfell

Production Manager

Emily Hamilton

Distribution Associate

Mike Houge

Audio Engineer

Greg Lawrence


Jason Luna

Marketing Associate

Tamara Marston

Senior Casting Director

Lewis Nguyen

Senior Financial Analyst

Troy Otte

Senior Manager Production

Jon Oxidine

Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Passage

Editorial Director

Mitch Raynes


Alexandre Rito

Creative Director

Kate Runde

Acquisitions & Author Relations Director

Margaret Laney Silver

Head of Strategic Marketing

Gina White

Casting Manager

Ryan Willwerscheid

Associate Creative Director


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