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Ex-Superheroes 2

Ex-Superheroes, Book 2


Weapons and Wielders, Book 2

Conquer 2

Conquering the Kingdom, Book 2

Two Necromancers, a Dragon, and a Vampire

Unconventional Heroes, Book 3

The Terrorist

Lens, Book 3

The Other Magic

Passage to Dawn, Book 1

Children of Telm: The Complete Trilogy

The Children of Telm, Books 1-3

Age of Dragons

Dragon Dojo Brotherhood, Book 4

The Last Swordsman

The Last Swordsman, Book 1

Respawn: Lovers Lost

Respawn, Book 2

Malum: Part Two

The Elite Kings’ Club, Book 5

Shackled: An Aldoran Chronicles Prequel

The Aldoran Chronicles


Spellmonger, Book 11

The Dao of Magic V

Dao of Magic, Book 5

The Master Thief: The Complete Trilogy

The Master Thief, Books 1-3

The Frozen Flame: Publisher’s Pack

The Frozen Flame, Books 1-2

Corrupted Crimson

Painting the Mists, Book 5

Dragon Hack

Blasphemy Online, Book 1

The Choice of Magic

Art of the Adept, Book 1


The Tale of Eaglefriend, Book 2

Two Necromancers, a Bureaucrat, and an Army of Golems: An Unconventional Heroes Publisher’s Pack

Unconventional Heroes, Books 1-2

World’s Strongest Farmer

World’s Strongest Farmer, Book 1

The Volunteer

Lens, Book 2

Max of the Rebellion 2

The Last Time Loop, Book 2

The Tiger’s Wrath

Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer, Book 5

Wives Tales: Roxy and Jolene, Daelyn and Roberta: The Valens Legacy, Book 14.5

Work Experience

Schooled in Magic, Book 4


Rylee Adamson, Book 8

World Quest

Codename: Freedom, Book 3

Wives Tales: Peg and Cali, Estrella and Other Stories

White Sands, Red Steel

Well Done

Small Medium, Book 3

What Lies Beyond

The Cycle of Galand, Book 6

Wedding Hells

Schooled in Magic, Book 8

Wayward Soldiers

The Tyrus Chronicle, Book 2


The War Chronicles, Book 3


Spellmonger, Book 2


The War Chronicles, Book 1

Warrior: Monster Slayer

The Monsterworld Saga, Book 1

Warlock’s Sun Rising

Broken Stone Chronicle, Book 2

Warlocks of the Sigil

The Sigil Series, Book 1


The War Chronicles, Book 2


Captive Series, Book 6

Veiled Vixen

Harem Station, Book 5

Veiled Threat

Rylee Adamson, Book 7

Vampire World: Publisher’s Pack

Vampire World, Books 1-2

Vampire World: Publisher’s Pack 2

Vampire World, Books 3-4

Vampire World: Publisher’s Pack 3

Vampire World, Books 5-6

Valhalla Online: Publisher’s Pack 2

Valhalla Online, Books 3-4

Unwritten Rules

Genesis Online, Book 1