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Descendants of the Fall: Publisher’s Pack

Descendants of the Fall, Books 1-2

A Bond Broken

The Infinite World, Book 2


Spellmonger, Book 12

Ecstasy from the Deep

Venora Mates, Book 1

Catgirl Doctor: The Complete Omnibus

Catgirl Doctor, Books 1-3


ScourgeWorld, Book 2

The Family Pride

The Zero Enigma, Book 6


Legends Online, Book 5

The Lost City of Ithos

Mage Errant, Book 4

Master of Monsters: Publisher’s Pack 2

Master of Monsters, Books 3-4



The Contractors, Book 2

Condemning the Heavens: Publisher’s Pack 3

Condemning the Heavens, Books 5-6

Grayson Steel and the Shrouded Council of London

Nebula Convicto, Book 1

The Black Book

The Cycle of the Scour, Book 2

Dungeons and Noobs

Noobtown, Book 4


The Beginning After the End, Book 7

A Testament of Steel

Instrument of Omens, Book 1

Respawn: Blade of the Ancients

Respawn, Book 5

Hunted Sorcery

Jon Oklar, Book 2

The Artful Apprentice

Schooled in Magic, Book 19

Rebels of Last World

Chimera King, Book 1

Tides of Magic

Along the Razor’s Edge

The War Eternal, Book 1

The Court of Mortals

Stariel, Book 3

The Traitor’s Son

Path of the Ranger, Book 1

The Brightest Shadow

The Brightest Shadow, Book 1

Dragontiarna: Knights & Thieves, Publisher’s Pack

Dragontiarna, Books 1-2

Warsworn: The Complete Trilogy

The Warsworn Trilogy, Books 1-3

The Land of the Undying Lord

The Infinite World, Book 1

Dragon Assassin: Volume 3

Dragon Assassin, Book 3

The Scholars

The Hidden Heritage, Book 2

Reincarnated as a Familiar: Publisher’s Pack

Reincarnated as a Familiar, Books 1-2

The Warriors of the Gods

The Nightfall Wars, Book 3

Shattered Lands

Painting the Mists, Book 8

Menacing Misfits

Darkthorn Academy, Book 1

Secrets and Spellcraft

Art of the Adept, Book 2

Sins of the Father Omnibus

Sins of the Father, Books 1-3

Sins of the Past

The Darkness Within Saga, Book 0.5

Modern Paladin: Publisher’s Pack

Modern Paladin, Books 1-2

The Hollow God

Swords and Saints, Book 3

Betrayals & Broken Promises

Masquerade of Myths, Book 1

Courage to Sacrifice

The Silent Champions, Book 4

Conquer 3

Conquering the Kingdom, Book 3

Agent of Prophecies: Publisher’s Pack 2

Prophecies Series, Books 3-4

Condemning the Heavens: Publisher’s Pack 2

Condemning the Heavens, Books 3-4

Queen of Dragons

Dragon Dojo Brotherhood, Book 7

Master of Monsters: Publisher’s Pack

Archon’s Chosen, Books 1-2

Legendary Rule 2

Legendary Rule, Book 2

They Mostly Come Out at Night: A Yarnsworld Publisher’s Pack Books, 1 & 4

Yarnsworld, Books 1-4