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Master of Monsters: Publisher’s Pack

Archon’s Chosen, Books 1-2

Legendary Rule 2

Legendary Rule, Book 2

They Mostly Come Out at Night: A Yarnsworld Publisher’s Pack Books, 1 & 4

Yarnsworld, Books 1-4

Mission Clockwork: The Complete Series

Mission Clockwork, Books 1-4

The Prince of Secrets

Stariel, Book 2


The Game of Gods, Book 3

Solar King: Publisher’s Pack

Solar King: Uniting the Twelve Zodiacs, Books 1-2

The Road to Sevendor: A Spellmonger Anthology

Spellmonger, Book 11.5

Legend of the Arch Magus: Publisher’s Pack 2

Legend of the Arch Magus, Books 3-4

The Knights of Erador

The Echoes Saga, Book 7

The Guardians

The Hidden Heritage, Book 1

God of Ends

EndWorld, Book 3

Borne Rising

The Relics of Antiquity, Book 2

The Keeper Chronicles: The Complete Trilogy

The Keeper Chronicles, Books 1-3

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Heroes Collide

Royal Ooze Chronicles, Book 6

Shifting Tides

Painting the Mists, Book 7

The Vampire Mage: Book 3

Vampire Mage, Book 3

The Champion

Lens, Book 4


ScourgeWorld, Book 1

The King’s Sorcerer

Jon Oklar, Book 1

Dungeon Bound

Dungeon Bound, Book 1

Mirror Image

Schooled in Magic, Book 18

Respawn: Nightmare Mode

Respawn, Book 4

The Pillar of Light

Pentamuria Saga, Book 3

Two Necromancers, a Dwarf Kingdom, and a Sky City

Unconventional Heroes, Book 4

Death’s Mantle 3


Mountain King Saga, Book 1

Death of Dragons

Dragon Dojo Brotherhood, Book 6

Fairy Tale

Succubus, Book 7

Agent of Prophecies: Publisher’s Pack

Prophecies Series, Books 1-2

The Wrack

Rebellion, Battle and Truce

In Her Paranormal Majesty’s Secret Service, Book 2

The Curse of Home

The Darkness Within Saga, Book 4

24/7 Demon Mart: Publisher’s Pack

24/7 Demon Mart, Books 1-2

The Congruent King

The Congruent Mage, Book 5

Steel and Valor

The Silent Champions, Book 3

Condemning the Heavens: Publisher’s Pack

Condemning the Heavens, Books 1-2


The Beginning After the End, Book 6


Fate’s Anvil, Book 1

The Game of Gods: Publisher’s Pack

The Game of Gods, Books 1-2


Legends Online, Book 4

The Lord of Stariel

Stariel, Book 1

Gamer for Love

Alpha World, Book 8

Demon Hunting 101

Immortal Ninja Academy, Book 1


The Relics of Antiquity, Book 1

Respawn: 18 and Up

Respawn, Book 3


The Marked Mage Chronicles, Book 3


Vampire Awakenings, Book 10

Fall of Dragons

Dragon Dojo Brotherhood, Book 5

Dread Uprising

Ash Angels, Book 1