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Intertwining Destinies

The King’s Seer, Book 3

The Blacksmith’s Son

Mageborn, Book 1

The Wolf of the North Trilogy

Wolf of the North, Book 3

Rise of Gluttony

Outworld, Book 2

Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance!, Vols. 1 & 2

Reset! The Imprisoned Princess Dreams of Another Chance!

The Garden of Empire

Pact and Pattern, Book 2

Becoming a True Leader

The Heavenly Throne, Book 9

Liches Get Stitches

Liches Get Stitches, Book 1

Phoebe’s Tale: From His Shadow

Nightlord, Book 1

The Long Dark

The Doan Series, Book 2

Five Element Disaster

Dual Sword God, Book 8

Arcane Era 2

Rise of the Combat Mage, Book 2


Surgecaller, Book 5

An Outcast in Another World: Rising Insanity

An Outcast in Another World, Book 3

Life of a Freelancer

The Fabric of Chaos

Curse of the Cyren Queen, Book 3

El Sendero del Especialista

El Sendero del Guardabosques, Book 6

The Bow of Anarchy

Starfell, Book 3

The Reincarnated Core Volume 6

Towers of Acalia, Book 6

Time Jacker

Sins of the Mother

The War Eternal, Book 4

Sean (SJ)

Valens Heritage

Pendulum of Fate, Part 1

Painting the Mists, Book 14

Lucifer Reborn 4

Lucifer Reborn, Book 4

The Midnight Accords

A Journey of Black and Red, Book 4

Outlaw Magic

The Last Magus, Book 5

Harem Farm 3

Harem Farm, Book 3

Blood of the Raven

The Lords of Alekka, Book 3


Convergence, Book 1

I Don’t Want to Be the Hero Vol. 3

I Don’t Want to Be the Hero, Book 1

The Crown of Fire & Fury

The Runewar Saga, Book 2

The Way Ahead 2: A LitRPG Adventure

The Way Ahead, Book 2

Aether Mage 3

Aether Mage, Book 3

So You Want to Live the Slow Life? A Guide to Life in the Beastly Wilds, Vol. 1

A New Path

The Giseria Chronicles, Book 1

The Eldemari’s Wrath

The Menocht Loop, Book 3

Exploding with Anticipation

Perv or Paladin, Book 2

Returning to No Applause, Only More of the Same: An Isekai LitRPG

The Crimson Devil of the Redlands

Dual Sword God, Book 7

Death’s Favorite Warlock 3

Death’s Favorite Warlock, Book 3

Blade of Shadow

Seven Swords, Book 2

The Shifter’s Hoard 3

Dragon Born, Book 3

Mage of No Renown

Tales of Terralor, Book 1

Prime Numbers

Sigma Worlds, Book 6

The House Witch: A Humorous Romantic Fantasy

The House Witch, Book 1

Phantasm Magic

The Last Magus, Book 4

The Family Name

The Zero Enigma, Book 9

Law of Family

Four Laws, Book 2

Amongst the Fallen

The Beginning After the End, Book 8.5


Darkthorn Academy, Book 5