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The Flameskin Chronicles, Book 2

Dragon Assassin: Volume 4

Dragon Assassin, Book 4

Wild Lands

Savage Lands, Book 2

Night of the Shadow Moon

The Furyck Saga, Book 3

The Age of Men

The Nightfall Wars, Book 6

Pilgrim 3

Pilgrim, Book 3

Of Shadows and Elves

Of Goblin Kings, Book 2

Dragon Mage

Rivenworld, Book 1

Crown of the Starry Sky

Painting the Mists, Book 11

A Lair of Bones

Curse of the Cyren Queen, Book 1

Isekai Assassin: Volume 1

Isekai Assassin, Book 1

Winds of Strife

The Dawnless Night, Book 1

Grave of the Unknown

Blue Phoenix, Book 4

Going Deeper

Descend, Book 3

The Song of the First Blade

The Bladeborn Saga, Book 1

The Crystal Gryphon

Witch World: High Hallack Cycle, Book 3

Legend of the Arch Magus: Publisher’s Pack 3

Legend of the Arch Magus, Books 5-6

Academy Days

Demon Princess Magical Chaos, Book 2

Heretic Spellblade 2

Heretic Spellblade, Book 2

Creation Mage 4

War Mage Academy, Book 4

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons 2

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons, Book 2

The Forever King

Path of Ascension 4

Wyvern Academy, Book 4

Pretender Gods

Ruinland Ranger, Book 2

Forge of Destiny: Volume 2

Forge of Destiny, Book 2

Don’t Hex and Drive

Stay a Spell, Book 2

Courts and Cabals 2

Courts and Cabals, Book 2

The Fantastically Underwhelming Epic

The Crimson Hunters: A Dellerin Tale

The Crimson Collection, Book 1

Storm Unbound

Fallen Power, Book 1

Reborn: Evolution 2

Warlock Chronicles, Book 2

Erik the Tempered

Dokiri Brides, Book 2

Dungeon Bound 2

Dungeon Bound, Book 2

Dragontiarna: Crowns & Visionary, Publisher’s Pack 4

Dragontiarna, Books 7-8

Dragon Seekers

Legends Online, Book 6

The Mage of Shadows: The Complete Trilogy

The Mage of Shadows, Books 1-3

Savage Lands

Savage Lands, Book 1

Moonlight Banishes Shadows

The Infinite World, Book 3

Love Crafted

Gunmetal Gods

Gunmetal Gods, Book 1

Witch World High Hallack Cycle: Volume 1

Witch World: High Hallack Cycle, Books 1-2

The Secret Refuge

Path of the Ranger, Book 5

The Hex of Blackbriar Academy

Blackbriar Academy, Book 3

The Burning Sea

The Furyck Saga, Book 2

Death’s Favorite Warlock

Death’s Favorite Warlock, Book 1

Curious Beginnings: A LitRPG Adventure

Salvos, Book 1

A Blood of Kings

The Shattered Reigns, Book 2

Winter Solstice

The Wandering Inn, Book 4

The Siege of Skyhold

Mage Errant, Book 5

Demon Realm

Main Character Hides his Strength, Book 2