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Night of Masks and Knives

The Broken Kingdoms, Book 4

The House Between Worlds

The Milesian Accords, Book 4

I Don’t Want to Be the Hero Vol. 5

I Don’t Want to Be the Hero, Book 5

Dragon Rising 1

Dragon Rising, Book 1

The Jewel of Tsarra

The Doan Series, Book 3

The Rogue Crown

The Five Crowns of Okrith, Book 3

Fates Parallel: Vol. 3

Fates Parallel, Book 3


War God for Hire, Book 5

Threads of Destiny: Volume 1

Destiny Cycle, Book 4

Stardust Runner 1

Stardust Runner, Book 1


The Last King, Book 1

Crown of Blood and Ruin

The Broken Kingdoms, Book 3

Trials and Tribulations

The Giseria Chronicles, Book 3

The House that Walked Between Worlds

Uncertain Sanctuary, Book 1

No Gods, Only Monsters

Antiquity Chronicles

Marshal Arcane

Spellmonger, Book 15

Blood of Liscor

The Wandering Inn, Book 8

Underland 2

Underland, Book 2

Blood of a Novice

The Eternal Ephemera, Book 1

On Lavender Tides: Volume 1

Jekua, Book 2