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The Assassin Bride

The King and The Assassin, Book 1

A Tale of Treachery

Darkest Dynasty, Book 1

The Fetters of Fate

The Bladeborn Saga, Book 5

Fae Exile

Royals of Embermere, Book 3

Where Foxes Say Goodnight


Stranger than Fiction, Book 3

The Temporal Tides


The Cursed Bloodstone, Book 3

The Land of Always Summer

Mystic Albion, Book 2

The Mage from Nowhere

Legends of The Tainted, Book 1

The Man Who Sought Infinity

An Outcast in Another World, Book 4.5

Only Villains Do That

Only Villains Do That, Book 1

Partying with Pixies

Haven Ever After, Book 3

My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World: Volume 6

My Quiet Blacksmith Life in Another World, Book 6

The Might

The Raven Rings, Book 3

The Glass Palace

Vigor Mortis: Volume 4

Vigor Mortis, Book 4

System Activation

Path of the Titans, Book 1

House of the Raven

Heat of the Everflame

The Kindred’s Curse Saga, Book 3