Arc: The SS Tier Heroine | Podium Audio


Arc: The SS Tier Heroine

Book 1

By: Azrie

Performed by: Rachel Leblang

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 32 min

Through hellish training, Arc became a hero—reaching the pinnacle of strength in the world of Arlas.
Arc was an ordinary young woman from Earth when she was summoned to an icy hell where she fought for her survival in the name of training to become a hero.
Now, after defeating the Overlord itself and achieving the status of hero, she leaves with the goal of enjoying her freedom. She arrives at Arlas, a fantasy world with magic and monsters, a world with numbers, tiers, and classes, a world governed by the System that summoned her.
She is not alone. There are other heroes, masters of their element, warped individuals who have escaped their own hell. And they have their own agenda, from taking over the world to even killing other heroes.
But Arc isn’t any hero; she’s the one who mastered the element of frost, the element of ice that can even freeze the sense of time itself. And when confronted with an incomprehensible task of broken letters—to fulfill her duties as a hero for the broken System—she makes her decision.
To live a normal life, fight whoever comes her way, and ignore whatever the delusional System says. As for the heroes? She will fight them, too, if they dare to stand in her way.
Join Arc as she explores the world of Arlas, a place dominated by the same System that summoned her in the first place, a world with classes, levels, and magic. Watch her explore the world and take on terrifying foes with her ice abilities that can freeze anything. This isekai series features a badass overpowered main character and intriguing worldbuilding. Arc’s story has great character moments and exciting and satisfying battles with monsters and other heroes alike.






Rachel Leblang

Rachel Leblang has been using audiobooks to liven up her frequent car rides for over 8 years now, and annoying her family with silly voices for 27. While earning a Bachelor's degree in Japanese Language Studies she was asked to lend her voice to a classmate's video game and a passion for voice acting was born! She made the natural leap into audiobooks, and has worked on over 120 titles to date. When Rachel isn't locked in her recording booth she enjoys working on her inordinate amount of puzzles, video gaming, and playing the piano, aggressively.