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Nori’s Delta

Delta Team Three, Book 1


Mail-Order Brides of Crakair, Book 1


The Ravenhood, Book 1

Lady Reckless

Notorious Ladies of London, Book 3

Moon Child

The Year of the Wolf, Book 2

Zhulong and Bailong

The Dragon Generals, Book 3

Worlds Beneath

The Blood Race, Book 2

Hollow Hearts

The Harkwright Trilogy, Book 1

Wolf’s Call

Wolves Next Door, Book 2

Athena’s Sanctuary

Sigma Worlds, Book 4

Our Muted Recklessness

Muted Hopelessness, Book 2

Taunt Her

Rebels at Sterling Prep, Book 1

Classified Planet: Turongal

The Darvel Exploratory Systems, Book 1

Bob and Nikki: Publisher’s Pack 6

Bob and Nikki, Books 12-13

Heart’s Prisoner

Dark World Mates, Book 1

Moons of Jupiter: A Jane Bond Publisher’s Pack

Jane Bond, Books 3-4


The Puppeteer

Harrow Faire, Book 2

When You Come Back to Me

Lost Boys, Book 2


Deliver, Book 9


Vampire Awakenings, Book 11

Your Bloodline

Featherstone Academy, Book 2

All the Lies: The Complete Trilogy

All the Lies, Books 1-3

Until the Last Breath


The Killers, Book 2

Lady Wallflower

Notorious Ladies of London, Book 2

Fallen Heirs

Windsor Academy, Book 3

Wolf’s Bane

Wolves Next Door, Book 1

The Blood Race

The Blood Race, Book 1

Phoenix’s Flame

Sigma Worlds, Book 3

Hate Me

The Truths We Told

Secrets and Truths Duet, Book 2

Vampire Awakenings: The First Collection

Vampire Awakenings, Books 1-3

My Muted Love

Muted Hopelessness, Book 1

The Dragon Prince’s Bride: Volume 2

The Dragon Prince’s Bride, Book 2


Mistaken Series, Book 2


The Girl in the Love Song

Lost Boys, Book 1


The Dragon Generals, Book 2


Deliver, Book 8

The Contortionist

Harrow Faire, Book 1

Ruthless Kings

Windsor Academy, Book 2

Curse of Dracula

Immortal Soul, Book 2

Lady Ruthless

Notorious Ladies of London, Book 1

Den of Vipers

Little Dove

Seven Sins of Snow

Loathe Thy Neighbor

Roommate Romps, Book 1


Harem Station, Book 6

My Bloodline

Featherstone Academy, Book 1