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The Fall of Sin

Sins of Saint Trilogy, Book 2

Sutton’s Sins

The Sinful Suttons, Book 2

Demon Valley Marked

Pretty Little Monster Trilogy, Book 2

Sinful Hands

Chained Hearts Duet Series, Book 3


Tattoo Your Name on My Heart

Watch Me Rise

Dragon King

Alien Prince’s Bride

Fated Mates of the Xilan Warriors, Book 2

A Mage’s Guide to Human Familiars

R’iyah Family Archives, Book 1

Smile Like You Mean It

Charlotte Reynolds, Book 1

The Scars We Bare

Maven of Mayhem, Book 3

Reverie and Redemption

The Words


Wicked Liar

Dark Syndicate, Book 3

Of Silver and Secrets

Once in Whispering Woods, Book 1

The HellBeast’s Fight

The HellBeast King, Book 2

Secret Beast

Sanibel Mornings

Shellseeker Beach, Book 3

Wild Wolf

Exiled by the Pack, Book 2

Saved by a Billionaire

Saved by a Billionaire, Book 1

Prince Charming: A Cinderella Novel

Cinderella Trilogy, Book 2

Till Next Time

The Detective Duke

Unexpected Lords, Book 1

The Price We Pay

The Path of Temptation, Book 1


Brides of Driegon, Book 3

Possessed by the Stryxian

Stryxian Alien Warriors, Book 4


Vegas Aces: The Quarterback, Book 3

The Psycho

The Soldiers of Anarchy, Book 1


Prince of the Doomed City, Book 2

What Lovers Do

Oaths and Omissions

Monsters & Muses, Book 3

The Missing Life

Fire Heart

The Dragon of Umbra, Book 1


Savage Falls Sinners MC, Book 4

Sweet Savagery

Ruthless Obsession, Book 3

Vampires Will Be Vampires

Fangs and Feathers, Book 3

Chasing Cthulhu

Urf Oomons, Book 2

Good Guys Don’t Lie

Watch Me Fall

Alien Commander’s Mate

Fated Mates of the Xilan Warriors, Book 1

Sutton’s Spinster

The Sinful Suttons, Book 1

Her Broken Pieces

Fallen Kingdom, Book 2

Blood Lands

Daddy’s Angel

Forbidden Reads, Book 1

The Rise of Saint

Sins of Saint Trilogy, Book 1

Playboy Prince

The Pierce Family, Book 2

Blind Pass

Stroke of Midnight: A Cinderella Novel