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Trust Him

Rebels at Sterling Prep, Book 4

The Sands of Agurumal

Argurma Salvager, Book 3

Damaged Gods: The Monsters of Saint Mark’s

Breaking Drake

Dante’s Infernal, Book 3

The Queen of Carnage

Underestimated, Book 1

When the Stars Fall

Lost Stars, Book 1


Mail-Order Brides of Crakair, Book 3

The Kiss: A Friends to Lovers Romance

Playboy Pact

The Blood Oath of Blackbriar Academy

Blackbriar Academy, Book 4

Lost in Love’s Abyss

Lady Wicked

Notorious Ladies of London, Book 4

A Secret in the Keys

Coconut Key, Book 1

A Lantern in the Dark

The O’Brien Tales, Book 2

Protector of Convenience

Rogue Protectors, Book 2

Don’t Hex and Drive

Stay a Spell, Book 2

Taint Her

Rebels at Sterling Prep, Book 3

Pirate’s Gold

Argurma Salvager, Book 2


The Flameskin Chronicles, Book 1

Destiny’s Delta

Delta Team Three, Book 2

Blame It on the Champagne

Blame It on the Alcohol, Book 1

The Reckoning

Secrets of Redemption, Book 5

Savage Lands

Savage Lands, Book 1

Our Reckless Hope

Muted Hopelessness, Book 3

Last Stop from Innocence

Collaring Chaz

Dante’s Infernal, Book 2

The Hex of Blackbriar Academy

Blackbriar Academy, Book 3

Mangled Minds

The Harkwright Trilogy, Book 2

Loving Man


The Ravenhood, Book 2


Mail-Order Brides of Crakair, Book 2

The Quarry Master

The Grumpy Heroes, Book 1

The Clown

Harrow Faire, Book 3

Of Goblins and Gold

Of Goblin Kings, Book 1

Love Thy Neighbor

Roommate Romps, Book 2


The Killers, Book 3

Bared Souls

The Soulmates Duet

The Ex Assignment

Rogue Protectors, Book 1

God’s Choice

Sigma Worlds, Book 5

Raven of the Sea

The O’Brien Tales, Book 1

Our Bloodline

Featherstone Academy, Book 3

Tame Him

Rebels at Sterling Prep, Book 2

Broken Earth

Argurma Salvager, Book 1

Dark’s Savior

Dark World Mates, Book 2

Hollen the Soulless

Dokiri Brides, Book 1

On the Run

Taming Dante

Dante’s Infernal, Book 1

Wolf Gone Wild

Stay a Spell, Book 1

The Summoning

Secrets of Redemption, Book 4

Tell Me When It’s Over

Ruthless Savior

Captive Series (formerly Subversive & Stolen), Book 5