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The Boatmen

Bob and Nikki, Book 28

The Viridian Priestess

The Viridian Priestess, Book 1

Time Travel Universe

Seven Rules of Time Travel, Book 4

Foundations of Glass

Descendants of Rust

Endless Desert Trilogy, Book 3


Fault Lines, Book 2


The Gift, Book 3

My Orc-y Breaky Heart

Power Up

One Up, Book 3

Full Metal Panic! Volume 4

Full Metal Panic!, Book 4


Power Vacuum

Moon Base Delta, Book 3

Ryan in UnWonderland

The Whales of Time, Book 1

Ancient Civilizations

Lamentations and Magic, Book 1

Return of the Ancients

Ascendancy, Book 5


The Genesis Machine, Book 1


The Wardens, Book 1

LUX-5: Interstellar

LUX and the New TECH, Book 5

Tomorrow’s Children

Fire and Fury

Ruins of the Earth, Book 6