Mystery/Thriller | Podium Audio


After the Noise

Lights Out, Book 2

Lotus Gene

A Jackson Stone Thriller, Book 3

Enemy in Sight

Dark Sand

Chasing Risk

The Revelations

The Case Files of Aldicus Vescard

Hope Island

Coffin Cove Mysteries, Book 3

The Law: A Dresden Files Novella

Everyday, Including Holidays

The Valens Legacy, Book 18


The King & Slater Series, Book 10

The Wrong Twin

Flat Black Ford

Sin City Investigations, Book 4

Spirit: An Andrea Kelley Mystery

Chasing Kill

Slip-Stitched & Slayed

Dove Sequence

A Jackson Stone Thriller, Book 2

False Evidence

Sam Johnstone, Book 3

After the Silence

Lights Out, Book 1

The Good Mother

Good and Dead

An Avner Ehrlich Thriller, Book 2

Chasing Life

Chase Malone, Book 5

Code: Tsunami

A Port Stirling Mystery, Book 3

Unforgivable Acts

Ashley Montgomery, Book 3

Only You


DRYP: Revelation

The DRYP Trilogy, Book 2

The Ex

To Kill a Lawyer

Atlanta Murder Squad, Book 3

Horizon Protocol

A Jackson Stone Thriller, Book 1

Black Squadron

The Silent Town

Chasing Secrets: A Chase Malone Thriller Omnibus

A Chase Malone Thriller, Books 1-3

Monroe Doctrine: Volume III

Monroe Doctrine, Book 1

Midnight Beach

A Port Stirling Mystery, Book 2

Broken Ties

Kate Fox, Book 5

The Richard Jackson Saga: Volume VII

The Richard Jackson Saga, Book 13

Monroe Doctrine: Volume IV

Monroe Doctrine, Book 4


The Last Roman, Book 2

Speak No Evil

Detective Sebastian Clifford, Book 2

Striped and Strangled

A Knitty Kitties Mystery, Book 4

The Danger Within

An Avner Ehrlich Thriller, Book 1


Hell’s Half Acre

Coffin Cove, Book 2

Nowhere to Hide

Shannon Ames, Book 4

Chasing Dirt

Chase Malone, Book 4

The Wall: Eternal Night

The Wall, Book 1

The Wall: Eternal Day

The Wall

Dark Secrets

Cavendish & Walker, Book 11

Cabo 2 Cozumel

Dee Sanders, Book 2