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The Fossil 3

Secrets of Mars, Book 3

False Oath

Nate Shepherd Legal Thriller Series, Book 4

Heretic Spellblade 3

Heretic Spellblade, Book 3

The Heartfelt Life of Max Hartfield

Middle Falls Time Travel, Book 14.5

Coffin Cove

Coffin Cove, Book 1

Easy Mark

Kate Fox, Book 4

Dead Point

Maggie Blackthorne, Book 1

Hanks and a Hitman

A Knitty Kitties Mystery, Book 3

Sins of the Father Omnibus 2

Sins of the Father, Books 4-6

Undetermined Death

Ashley Montgomery, Book 2


The Killers, Book 5

Chasing Wind

Chase Malone, Book 3

Bitter Rain

Kate Fox, Book 3

The Abberley Beach Murders

Detective Dove Milson, Book 3

Demon Mind

Vector, Book 2

One and Done

Sam Johnstone, Book 2


Ricochet, Book 1

Mind Bullet

Ghost: An Andrea Kelley Mystery

The Archivist, Book 1

Emergency Shift

Full Moon Medic, Book 1


The Scryers, Book 1

The Fossil

Secrets of Mars, Book 1

Body Zoo

Sin City Investigations, Book 3

Unsympathetic Victims

Ashley Montgomery, Book 1

Silent Graves

Cavendish & Walker, Book 9

Chasing Fire

Chase Malone, Book 2

Sunken Graves


The King & Slater Series, Book 9

Justice in Time

Lettie Portman, Book 2

Monroe Doctrine: Volume II

Monroe Doctrine, Book 2


Sam Johnstone, Book 1

Purled and Poisoned

A Knitty Kitties Mystery, Book 2

Death to the Chief

Atlanta Murder Squad, Book 2

Dark Signal

Kate Fox, Book 2

Mortal Remains

Cavendish and Walker, Book 8


The King & Slater Series, Book 8

Skin Game

Sin City Investigations, Book 2

Chasing Rain

Chase Malone, Book 1

The Other Couple


The King & Slater Series, Book 7

The Reckoning

Secrets of Redemption, Book 5

Stripped Bare

Kate Fox, Book 1

Ritual Demise

Cavendish and Walker, Book 7

Knitted and Knifed

A Knitty Kitties Mystery, Book 1


Vector, Book 1

19 Souls

Sin City Investigations, Book 1

Operation Brushfire

Reset: Publisher’s Pack 3

The Reset Series, Books 5-6

Long Lost

Zen in the Art of Slaying Vampires