Ultimate Deceit | Podium Audio

The Jack Kane Series

Ultimate Deceit

Book 2

By: Dan Stone

Performed by: David Thorpe

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 09 hr, 44 min

Jack Kane returns in an unputdownable follow-up to Lethal Target.
Kane is on the run, trying to live in peace with his children, but he is a man who knows too much. Ruthless and violent operatives shatter Kane’s idyllic dream, and he is forced back into the life he so desperately wants to leave behind.
A family in Ireland contacts Frank Craven, looking for help. Their daughter is missing, kidnapped by merciless criminals. Craven and Kane travel to Ireland to find the missing girl and become embroiled in an investigation that turns into a brutal battle across the streets of Dublin and Ireland’s countryside.
Jack Kane is a man on the run… a secret agency wants him dead… and he is a family’s only hope of finding their kidnapped daughter.
Kane is pursued by savage gangland members and vicious assassins. Can he survive and save a kidnap victim in this fast-paced adventure packed with action, twists, and unforgettable characters? If you like Chris Ryan, Mark Dawson, Steven Leather, Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne, and Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, you will love this heart-stopping thriller.



Dan Stone

Dan Stone is the pen name of award winning author Peter Gibbons. Born and raised in Warrington in the North West of England, Peter/Dan wanted to be an author from the age of ten when he first began to write stories. Since then, Peter/Dan has written many books, including the bestselling Viking Blood and Blade Saga, and the Saxon Warrior Series. Peter now lives in Kildare, Ireland with his wife and three children



David Thorpe