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LitRPG lovers:

Check out Noobtown by Ryan Rimmel. Johnathan McClain delivers a hilarious performance as Shart - a sneaky and murderful demon who lives on the protagonist's shoulder. And a talking honeybadger.

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Royal Command

Royal Watch, Book 2

The Lost City of Ithos

Mage Errant, Book 4

Jasmine Sea

River’s End, Book 2

Reality Bleed: Season 1

Reality Bleed, Books 1-4


Legends Online, Book 5


ScourgeWorld, Book 2

True Intent

Nate Shepherd Legal Thriller Series, Book 2

The Acheron: Publisher’s Pack 2

The Acheron, Books 3-4

The Family Pride

The Zero Enigma, Book 6


Scattered Stars: Conviction, Book 2



Reap What You Sow

Seasons of Man, Book 2

Am I the Only One


Redleg in Space, Book 2

Master of Monsters: Publisher’s Pack 2

Master of Monsters, Books 3-4

Funny How It Works Out

Condemning the Heavens: Publisher’s Pack 3

Condemning the Heavens, Books 5-6

Spartan’s Specialists

Four Horseman Tales, Book 12

Galactic Law: Publisher’s Pack 2

Galactic Law, Books 3-4


The Contractors, Book 2


Forgotten Vengeance, Book 2

Grayson Steel and the Shrouded Council of London

Nebula Convicto, Book 1

Vampire Gate

Underworld, Book 5


Bossy Brothers, Book 6

The Lullaby Man

Tallman’s Valley Detectives, Book 2

The Black Knight

Excalibur Knights, Book 2

The Black Book

The Cycle of the Scour, Book 2

Sweet Dandelion

Shattered Alliance: Publisher’s Pack

Shattered Alliance, Books 1-2

Respawn: Blade of the Ancients

Respawn, Book 5

Parno’s Gift

The Black Sheep of Soulan, Book 5

Metal Fury: Publisher’s Pack

Metal Fury, Books 1-2

Dungeons and Noobs

Noobtown, Book 4


The Beginning After the End, Book 7

Deadland Drifter: Publisher’s Pack

Deadland Drifter, Books 1-2

Beyond Kuiper: The Galactic Star Alliance

Beyond Kuiper

A Testament of Steel

Instrument of Omens, Book 1

Hunted Sorcery

Jon Oklar, Book 2

The Artful Apprentice

Schooled in Magic, Book 19

Cyborg Corps: Publisher’s Pack

Cyborg Corps, Books 1-2

Bob and Nikki: Publisher’s Pack 4

Bob and Nikki, Books 8-9

Ascension Series: Volume I

Ascension Series, Books 1-3

After the Virus

After the Virus, Book 1

Rebels of Last World

Chimera King, Book 1

Tides of Magic

Supers: Take Aim

Supers, Book 2


Raleigh Rebels Series, Book 3

Knife Edge

Empire’s Corps, Book 17

A Fistful of Cyborg

Cyborgs on Mars, Book 2