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LitRPG lovers:

Check out Noobtown by Ryan Rimmel. Johnathan McClain delivers a hilarious performance as Shart - a sneaky and murderful demon who lives on the protagonist's shoulder. And a talking honeybadger.

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Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts


Weapons and Wielders, Book 3

Operation Brushfire

Void Horizon

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 4

He Who Fights with Monsters 3: A LitRPG Adventure

He Who Fights With Monsters, Book 3

Demon Realm

Main Character Hides his Strength, Book 2

The Siege of Skyhold

The Mage of Shadows, Book 5

The Tyr: Arrival

The Tyr Trilogy, Book 1

Green World

Undying Mercenaries, Book 15

Business as Usual

All Trades, Book 2

Breaking Drake

Dante’s Infernal, Book 3

Damaged Gods: The Monsters of Saint Mark’s

Dragon Assassin: Volume 4

Dragon Assassin, Book 4


The Flameskin Chronicles, Book 2

Galaxy of Titans

The Augmented, Book 3


The King & Slater Series, Book 8

Mortal Remains

Cavendish and Walker, Book 8

New World Order

After the Virus, Book 3

Pilgrim 3

Pilgrim, Book 3

Pulsar Race

Starship’s Mage


The Exigency Chronicles, Book 3

The Age of Men

The Nightfall Wars, Book 6

The Ibarra Crusade: Volume 1

The Ibarra Crusade, Books 1-2

The Queen of Carnage

Underestimated, Book 1

The Sands of Agurumal

Argurma Salvager, Book 3

Trust Him

Rebels at Sterling Prep, Book 4

USS Jefferson: Charge of the Symbios

USS Hamilton, Book 4

When One Door Closes

Stellar Heritage, Book 4

Wild Lands

Savage Lands, Book 2

When the Stars Fall

Lost Stars, Book 1

Night of the Shadow Moon

The Furyck Saga, Book 3

Winter Solstice

The Wandering Inn, Book 4

Wayward Galaxy 2

Wayward Galaxy, Book 2


Deadmen’s War, Book 1

A Lair of Bones

Curse of the Cyren Queen, Book 1

Chasing Rain

Chase Wen Thriller, Book 1

Crown of the Starry Sky

Painting the Mists, Book 11

Dragon Mage

Rivenworld, Book 1

Ganymede Wakes

Ganymede Trilogy, Book 1

Going Deeper

Descend, Book 3

Grave of the Unknown

Blue Phoenix, Book 4

Isekai Assassin: Volume 1

Isekai Assassin, Book 1


Mail-Order Brides of Crakair, Book 3

Nova Terra: Liberator

The Titan Series, Book 5

Of Shadows and Elves

Of Goblin Kings, Book 2

Skin Game

Sin City Investigations, Book 2

The Blood Oath of Blackbriar Academy

Blackbriar Academy, Book 4

The Crystal Gryphon

Witch World: High Hallack Cycle, Book 3

The Kiss: A Friends to Lovers Romance

Playboy Pact

The Song of the First Blade

The Bladeborn Saga, Book 1