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LitRPG lovers:

Check out Noobtown by Ryan Rimmel. Johnathan McClain delivers a hilarious performance as Shart - a sneaky and murderful demon who lives on the protagonist's shoulder. And a talking honeybadger.

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The Law: A Dresden Files Novella

Beware of Chicken

Black Labyrinth

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 5

The Sun’s Blood

Heirs of Sun and Storm, Book 1

Blood Lands

An Outcast in Another World: Shared Insanity

An Outcast in Another World, Book 2

Pilgrim 5

Pilgrim, Book 5

Sanguine Academy: Volume 2

Demon Hunter in Scarlet, Book 2

A Brand New World: A Slice-of-Life Urban Fantasy

The Simulacrum, Book 1

Lotus Gene

A Jackson Stone Thriller, Book 3

After the Noise

Lights Out, Book 2

Her Broken Pieces

Fallen Kingdom, Book 2

The Protector’s Quest

The Tales of Caledonia, Book 2

Sutton’s Spinster

The Sinful Suttons, Book 1

Alien Commander’s Mate

Fated Mates of the Xilan Warriors, Book 1

Playboy Prince

The Pierce Family, Book 2

The Rise of Saint

Sins of Saint Trilogy, Book 1

Familiar Magic

The Last Magus, Book 3

Daddy’s Angel

Forbidden Reads, Book 1

Last Contact