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LitRPG lovers:

Check out Noobtown by Ryan Rimmel. Johnathan McClain delivers a hilarious performance as Shart - a sneaky and murderful demon who lives on the protagonist's shoulder. And a talking honeybadger.

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Wake: The Hidden History of Women-Led Slave Revolts


Expeditionary Force, Book 13

The Outcasts

The Spark City Cycle, Book 3

The Last Light

The Wandering Inn, Book 5


Multiverse Space, Book 1


Weapons and Wielders, Book 3


Spellmonger: Legacy and Secrets, Book 1


These Dead Lands, Book 2

Horn Crown

Witch World: High Hallack Cycle, Book 5

Age of Ancients

Shattered Kingdoms, Book 1

Void Horizon

Ruins of the Galaxy, Book 4

Operation Brushfire

Humanity’s Promise

Paradigm 2045, Book 2

Oh, Great! I Was Reincarnated as a Farmer

Unorthodox Farming, Book 1

Resurrection City

Ciphercraft, Book 3

A Clash of Fates

The Echoes Saga, Book 9

Emergency Shift

Full Moon Medic, Book 1

Hallow Wood

The Furyck Saga, Book 4

Manipulating Magic

Jeff the Game Master, Book 2

River Angels

The O’Brien Tales, Book 4

Lady Lawless

Notorious Ladies of London, Book 5

Huw’s Legacy

The Evans Family Saga, Book 3

Vengeance of a Pirate Lord

An Elven Pirate Lord, Book 3

Farthest Shore

The Messenger, Book 13

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons 3

Beneath the Dragoneye Moons, Book 3

Metal Fury: Publisher’s Pack 2

Metal Fury, Books 3-4

Ghost: An Andrea Kelley Mystery

The Archivist, Book 1

The Turncoat King

The Rising Wave, Book 1

Saving Saint

Dante’s Infernal, Book 4

Cinnamon Bun: Volume 3

Cinnamon Bun, Book 3

Son of Eaglefriend

The Tale of Eaglefriend, Book 3

Accidental Incubus

Avalar Explored, Book 1

Reincarnated as the Last of my Kind: Volume 1

Reincarnated as the Last of My Kind, Book 1

First Light

Resonance, Book 1

Hers to Keep

The Quintessence Collection, Book 1

He Who Fights with Monsters 3: A LitRPG Adventure

He Who Fights With Monsters, Book 3

Descendants of the Fall: Publisher’s Pack 2

Descendants of the Fall, Books 3-4


Mountain King Saga, Book 2

El Hijo del Traidor

El Sendero del Guardabosques, Book 1

War Song

Orphan Wars, Book 2

Ivy’s Delta

Delta Team Three, Book 4

Body Zoo

Sin City Investigations, Book 3

Sword of Innocence

Vampire Sorcerer, Book 3

Forever Tru

Forever Tru, Book 1

Angel Trouble

24/7 Demon Mart, Book 3

The Fossil

Secrets of Mars, Book 1


War God for Hire, Book 1

Holy Ground

Holy Ground, Book 1

The Magician’s Brother

The Magician’s Brother, Book 1

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Vanquish and Vanish

Royal Ooze Chronicles, Book 7