Deep Threat | Podium Audio

Path of the Ranger

Deep Threat

Book 19

By: Pedro Urvi

Performed by: John Banks

Released: September 24, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

An unfathomable threat looms over Norghana and all of Tremia. The Panthers will have to face it and destroy it.
The Immortal Dragon has a secret plan and is close to executing it. The Panthers must stop him as difficulties in Norghana for the rangers increase. Abroad, political relations with other kingdoms are complicated.
Will the Panthers be able to stop the unfathomable threat? Will Norghana emerge victorious from the political war?
Enjoy adventures full of action, magic, twists, and mystery! Epic fantasy for the whole family!



Pedro Urvi



John Banks

Award-Winning actor & narrator Charlie Albers voices her audiobook narrations with grace as she navigates multiple characters & worlds with ease. She lives with her husband, 3 children & 2 dogs & records from an award winning studio near NYC. Education: BSc. (hons) Food Science & Psychology Training: Anthony Meindl, Charlie Adler, Andi Arndt, PJ Ochlan, Acting for Audio (Joel Froomkin, 2024). Expertise: Food Science, Psychology, Wellness, Parenting, Mental Health / Suicide, Special Needs (children), Travel. Clients: Disney, Warner Bros., Blackstone, Dreamscape, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Podium, Tantor, The BBC, Graphic Audio, Hallmark. Genres: Children’s, Comedy, Drama, Inspirational, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Mystery/Suspense, Romance, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy Lit RPG. Websites: - for VO work - for audiobook work - for pseudonym audiobook work