Mistletoe Mischief | Podium Audio

Mistletoe Mischief

Book 2

By: Codi Hall

Released: November 05, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

A case of mistaken identity leads to holiday hijinks in this laugh-out-loud contemporary romance from the author of 10 Things I Hate About Mistletoe.
In need of a distraction from his dumpster fire of a love life, adventure tour guide Pike Sutton is thrilled when his favorite travel podcaster accepts an invitation to experience the gorgeous landscapes and festive charms of Mistletoe, Idaho. He knows her visit will mean great things for the business he shares with his friend Anthony, but Pike has no idea that the real force behind “Exposures” is nothing like what he sees on social media.
Ryler Perkins is perfectly happy being the voice behind the microphone while her cousin stars as the face of their popular podcast. She’s used to men drooling all over Alea, but for once she finds herself wishing a certain sexy hipster lumberjack would notice her instead. Maybe that’s why Ryler completely loses her mind and makes a move on Pike.
Their kiss under the mistletoe is more than steamy, but it abruptly ends when Pike discovers he’s been smooching Alea’s “assistant.” He isn’t about to jeopardize everything by seducing a woman who’s off-limits. But as Pike guides the podcast crew around town and into the great outdoors, Ryler seems determined to get him hotter under the collar than a steaming cup of cocoa . . .



Codi Hall