Prince and Betrothed | Podium Audio

Perilous Courts

Prince and Betrothed

Book 5

By: Tavia Lark

Released: June 04, 2024

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 7 min

Being claimed shouldn’t feel so lonely.
Sei’s power isn’t truly his. As a grail, his role is to serve a mage by augmenting their magic. He’s equally nervous and excited about his arranged betrothal. After a life without intimacy, Sei will finally fulfill his true purpose as a treasured, valuable grail.
There’s only one problem: Sei’s new betrothed is the legendary Marek Dire. The dragonrider prince is powerful, intimidating, and larger than life—or at least larger than Sei. Prince Marek doesn’t want a husband, especially one like this. Sei might be captivating, but he’s also too delicate and obedient. Marek vows to break the betrothal, and he refuses to use Sei as a grail. No matter how much Sei wants to be used.
But Marek underestimates Sei. Wielding kindness as a weapon, Sei discovers unexpected tenderness in Marek—and new fierceness in himself. But being a grail in power-hungry Draskora is dangerous, and Marek still fears two things. That someone else might hurt Sei…
…or that Marek himself will.
Prince and Betrothed_ is a high fantasy gay romance with an arranged marriage, dragons, and shameless displays of affection. The Perilous Courts series is best enjoyed in order, and Prince and Betrothed continues the three-book arc about the princes of Draskora._



Tavia Lark

Tavia Lark writes m/m fantasy romance and erotica. Her favorite romance tropes include hurt/comfort, sharing a bed, and enemies to lovers. She writes from a sunny little apartment with the constant “help” of her fluffy cat. He just really likes typing, okay.