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The Cycle of Galand

When Dante Galand was just a boy, his father, Larsin, sailed away to make his fortune.
And never returned. Since then, Dante has become a great sorcerer. A ruler. A destroyer of kings. And he’s just learned that his father is living on a forbidden island at the edge of the known world. Where he’s dying of a mysterious plague.

In the company of his friend, the swordsman Blays, Dante travels to the island. There, his magic can do nothing for his father. As Dante and Blays quest for a cure – beset by strange beasts, angry spirits, and violent coastal raiders known as the Tauren – Dante falls sick, too. To save his father and himself, he’ll have to rediscover the island’s long-lost magic. But the hunt for its secrets leads Dante on a crash course with the Tauren – and island-wide civil war. And as he’s away, an old threat begins to move against his homeland.

Set in a USA Today best-selling world, The Red Sea is the first in a trilogy of warfare, sorcery, and friendship through the darkest times.



The Red Sea

The Cycle of Galand, Book 1

The Silver Thief

The Cycle of Galand, Book 2

The Wound of the World

The Cycle of Galand, Book 3

The Light of Life

The Cycle of Galand, Book 4

The Spear of Stars

The Cycle of Galand, Book 5

What Lies Beyond

The Cycle of Galand, Book 6

The Twelve Plagues

The Cycle of Galand, Book 7


Edward W. Robertson

Ed is the author of the epic fantasy Cycle of Galand novels and the post-apocalyptic Breakers series. His work has hit the USA Today Bestseller list, been nominated for multiple audiobook awards, and is currently being translated into five different languages. Born in the deserts of the US West, he's since lived in New York, Idaho, Los Angeles, and Hawaii, where he befriends a lot of turtles.



Tim Gerard Reynolds

Tim Gerard Reynolds is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. His acting work has taken him to England, France, regionally in the US and both On and Off Broadway. In his early 30's Tim pivoted to study fine art at The School of Visual Arts in NYC but stumbled serendipitously into the world of audiobooks somewhere along the way. Since 2008 he has received numerous awards and much critical praise for his narration. Tim is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA.