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A Love that Melted a Capo’s Cold Heart

By: Miss Jenesequa

Performed by: Cami Darian, Jakobi Diem

Released: February 15, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 41 min

After fleeing her hometown for 10 months due to her broken heart, Danaë Westbrook is summoned home and forced to get her act together.
No longer fond of her free-spirited nature, Danaë’s father wants the apple of his eye to put her brains to use and makes her his newest employee. The weekend before starting her new job – or imprisonment as she calls it – Danaë takes a spontaneous night out with her best friend, and the night leads to an innocent game of truth or dare. A game that soon lands Danaë in the path of a dangerous new attraction.
Cassian Acardi is a man of few words, but when he speaks, you sure as hell are going to listen. The tragic loss of his daughter made an icebox form where his heart once was, leaving no room for him to care about seeking a genuine romantic connection. His family’s empire is his number one priority in life. As a boss, he’s used to being the one who sets everything in motion. So when Danaë approaches him first, placing him in the passenger seat, Cassian is intrigued. However, he tries to suppress his curiosity about the gorgeous stranger who boldly stepped to him, until their paths cross again. This time, neither of them can run from fate’s hypnotic pull determined to bring them together.
Could Danaë be the one to melt the cold-hearted Cassian, or will Cassian fall victim to his inner demons, convincing himself that he doesn’t deserve love and ultimately pushing Danaë away for good?



Miss Jenesequa

Miss Jenesequa's bestselling novels are known for their powerful, convincing storylines. Each novel is filled with love, drama and passion. If you're eager and excited to read stories that are unique to any you've read before, then she's your woman.



Cami Darian



Jakobi Diem