A Pack for Christmas | Podium Audio

The Exchange

A Pack for Christmas

Book 1

By: Jillian West

Performed by: Gideon Frost, Michelle Sparks

Released: October 31, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 37 min

Three years ago, Everly Chastain headed home for Christmas with the pack she thought would be her future.
By New Year’s Day she headed back to New York alone. Within a year, her younger sister was bonded and pregnant.
"Family comes first." That’s what her family said, and Everly took it to heart. She shook off the pain and plastered on fake smiles to keep the peace. With her sister pregnant for the second time in three years, Everly is determined to finally find her forever pack and start a family of her own.
When Everly’s second match through the government-run Omega Protection Authority falls through, she turns to the private sector. The Exchange offers a safe place for omegas to ride out their heat and a chance to be matched. But Everly found a flaw in the system. She’s got a secret, and one way or another, she plans to leave her vacation with the best gift she can imagine.



Jillian West



Gideon Frost

Gideon Frost is the pseudonym for an Audie-nominated and award-winning romance narrator of over 50 audiobooks.  As Gideon, he delves into the darker side of romance. Whether he's the "bad" boy looking for redemption, the bully who secretly lusts for the victim of his torment, or the mafia overlord tempted by a forbidden love, Gideon brings an emotional intensity to his performance that will have you rooting for the tortured soul beneath the gruff exterior.



Michelle Sparks

You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take the sass out of her mouth! Michelle is a voice actor, narrator and singer working in Los Angeles, CA. She came to voice acting by way of the movie industry, having worked in the editing department for several films and TV shows before finding her true passion. Michelle is well versed in the art of storytelling and brings her ear for dialects to the table, voicing characters with British, Russian, Irish, Australian, Norwegian, Navi (yes, from Avatar!)… and of course, Southern accents. She would describe herself as “not your typical narrator.” Dark, moody, damaged, vulnerable… real. Bring her your broken but badass heroines, your shy yet seductive love interests. She gets it.