A Soldier's Vow | Podium Audio

Aster Ridge Ranch

A Soldier’s Vow

Book 7

By: Kate Condie

Performed by: Roger Wayne

Released: December 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 07 hr, 56 min

Three years ago, he destroyed her family.
He’s been wrestling with himself ever since. The war is over, but the battle has just begun.
Fay Morris’ life has taught her one thing: marry rich. Her plan is about to work until her family’s one enemy decides to play the hero.
Three years ago, soldier Garrick Hampton made a mistake. He’s done running, but when he returns to Aster Ridge, nothing is as he expected. From the now-grown Fay to the unfamiliar feeling of home that makes his chest ache.
When Fay’s brother goes missing in a winter storm, Garrick is glad to help and hopes for a sliver of forgiveness from Fay’s family. But Fay is no damsel, and she doesn’t need help from a greenhorn. When a stormy search for her brother means the lines between friends and enemies are blurred, and a fake marriage is required to keep them alive, will they learn what it is each of them really needs?



Kate Condie

Kate Condie is a speed talker from Oregon. Reading has been part of her life since childhood, where she devoured everything from mysteries, to classics, to nonfiction—and of course, romance. At first, her writing was purely journal format as she thought writing novels was for the lucky ones. She lives in Utah and spends her days surrounded by mountains with her favorite hunk, their four children and her laptop. In her free time she reads, tries to learn a host of new instruments, binge watches anything by BBC and tries to keep up with Lafayette as she sings the Hamilton soundtrack.



Roger Wayne

Hi my name is Roger Wayne. I served in the military after community college in Minnesota, where I grew up. Started acting professionally in Minneapolis, where I got my BA degree, then moved to NYC, and have since completed nearly 300 audiobooks, and several co-star and guest-star roles on TV, including an upcoming one for a new show on Showtime coming out probably next year. Along with that I've been involved in several stage productions, short films, indie features, and on-camera/ voice commercials.