A Wildflower in the Wind | Podium Audio

A Wildflower in the Wind

Book 1

By: Megan Shade

Performed by: Samantha Cook

Released: December 12, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 43 min

A deadly curse. A brutal enemy. A seductive threat.
Ever since her mother fell victim to the Lonely Death, Azalea has tried to find a cure in the fabled petals of the moonflowers growing in her garden. Her attempts at conquering death are derailed when a secret is unearthed—one that forces her into captivity at the hands of the large, arrogant, and frustratingly handsome Fae Commander of the wicked Black King.
Determined to protect the friends she calls family, she is forced to embark on a journey of danger and betrayal that will threaten everything she has ever thought to be true. Despite the monsters hiding in every shadow, Azalea realizes that the biggest threat of all may be the Commander and the way her body hums with his every touch.
Let the magic of the wildflowers cast you into a world ruled by greed, lies, and darkness as Azalea confronts the undeniable truth that the man who has imprisoned her might not be her enemy after all…
_A Wildflower in the Wind _is the first book in the Magic of the Wildflowers Trilogy and ends on a cliffhanger. Intended for mature listeners.



Megan Shade

Megan Shade is a new adult fantasy romance author from Hendersonville, TN. At 33 years old, Megan has already experienced so much in life, from earning her doctorate in physical therapy to being a devoted wife and mother to her 5-year-old daughter and newborn triplets. When she isn't busy taking care of her family, Megan finds joy in being a member of the fantasy romance community, where she's discovered her passion for writing. Megan's debut novel is a breathtaking journey of love, enemies, and magic, filled with vivid descriptions and unforgettable characters. Drawing inspiration from her favorite fantasy worlds, Megan has created a story that will transport readers to a place of danger, wonder and enchantment. Her unique voice and creative imagination promise to leave readers spellbound and eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series. With Megan's infectious enthusiasm and dedication to her craft, it's clear that this is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in her life. Readers can look forward to being captivated by her imaginative tales for years to come.



Samantha Cook