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The Severed Realms

A Word So Fitly Spoken

Book 1

By: T.A. Lawrence

Performed by: Nikki Massoud

Released: May 30, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 18 hr, 45 min

One stunning bride. One wedding. One night with the king. One execution come morning. Rinse and repeat.
When the fae king of Naenden returns home to his palace only to find that his human queen has committed treason by conspiring to assassinate him, he has the queen executed and decrees that once every mooncycle, he’ll marry a human woman from the kingdom, only to execute her the following morning.
Unless one woman offers herself as a sacrificial bride for the rest.
Asha isn’t worried about being chosen, of course. The decree was quite clear about beauty being among the top criteria for being selected as one of the king’s unfortunate brides. Asha is no beauty thanks to the illegal magic that inhabits her body, leaving her scarred and missing an eye. The same magic that occasionally possesses her voice so it can amuse itself by telling a never-ending story with a string of horrible cliffhangers.
The problem is Asha might not be a beauty, but her sister Dinah is. When Asha realizes Dinah is in danger of being selected as the king’s sacrificial bride, Asha decides she can’t live with that risk. So she offers herself instead.
Except on the night of their wedding the king grants Asha a final request. Naturally, she asks to tell her sister one last bedtime story. Naturally, the king eavesdrops.
The question is, will the story save her life or ruin it?
A tale of love and betrayal, vengeance and sacrifice, magic and romance, this imaginative retelling of 1,001 Nights will keep you guessing with each turn of the page.



T.A. Lawrence



Nikki Massoud

NIKKI MASSOUD is an actor and audiobook narrator based in Brooklyn. Her television work includes Succession (HBO), Emergence (ABC), Mozart in the Jungle (Amazon), and Madam Secretary (CBS). Her stage credits include Sam Gold's production of OTHELLO at New York Theatre Workshop, alongside Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo, and regional work at The Old Globe, Berkeley Rep, The Huntington Theatre Company, and Portland Center Stage. Nikki has narrated over 30 audiobooks, currently available on Audible. She is a graduate of the Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA Program, Georgetown University, and BADA (British-American Drama Academy.)