All the Skills 3 | Podium Audio

All the Skills 3

Book 3

By: Honour Rae

Performed by: Luke Daniels

Released: March 12, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 23 min

Where power is measured in cards, Arthur stands among the elite as a Legendary card wielder now forever linked to a frighteningly powerful dragon.
Or Brixaby will be once he grows from the size of a parrot.
Before that can happen, a chance encounter whisks Arthur and Brixaby away to a place they never thought possible: A new dragon hive outside the kingdom. This Free Hive doesn’t suffer from the scourge that’s infected the rest of the planet. It’s a place where crafting using card powers is king.
But even here, an old enemy sings threats from the shadows. The Free Hive cannot defend itself; it needs the strength of Legendary card wielders.
To protect the Free Hive, Arthur and Brixaby must become stronger. That means more skills and, most importantly, more cards to add to their decks.



Honour Rae

Having selected banker as her profession and purchased sturdy oxen as well as all the ammunition she could afford, Honour Rae loaded her family into a wagon and set out to establish a homestead. Unfortunately, she could only keep two hundred pounds of the deer, elk, bears, bison, squirrels, and rabbits she massacred along the way. Soon, dysentery set in and attempting to ford the river proved to be a huge mistake. Somehow, Rae and her family pulled through—albeit with the loss of any extra wagon parts. The Oregon Trail conquered, and having made it to the Willamette Valley, she sat down to write this book.



Luke Daniels