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Necessary Arrangements

An Affair with the Viscount

Book 5

By: Sadie Bosque

Released: April 18, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 24 min

Only a scandalous actress…
Josephine Claremont hides her real name—and all the struggles she’s endured—behind a beautiful stage name and debonair lifestyle. As the premier actress in London, she is welcomed in all society homes even though she doesn’t belong in the haute ton. She is the queen of the demimonde and is determined to maintain that position—even if a dashing viscount is oddly intent on winning her heart.
…can bring a jaded rake to his knees.
Richard Lewis, Viscount Gage, does not believe in love. His sisters may have succumbed to love and marriage, but he values cold logic and reason in affairs of the heart and the viscount is not above meddling in other people’s lives if he believes he is right. When one night of passion with the fabulous actress leads him to reevaluate his beliefs, he is committed to winning her no matter what—only the headstrong vixen is determined to avoid him at every turn.



Sadie Bosque

Sadie Bosque is a steamy historical romance author. Surrounded by the enchantment of the historical setting, her love stories communicate to the modern reader through the experiences of her characters. The heroes and heroines of Sadie’s stories are flawed, imperfect creatures with big hearts. Sadie believes that a happily ever after has to be hard-earned. The trials and tribulations her characters go through make them stronger and make the HEA so much sweeter.