Apocalypse Challenge | Podium Audio

Gravity and Divinity System

Apocalypse Challenge

Book 5

By: Hunter Mythos

Performed by: Zeno Robinson

Released: January 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 17 min

The biggest war the Earth has faced ended. It’s time for Jay Luckrun to lead the fight against the Dungeon Goblins and stop them from invading their universe.
Pantheon Leader Jay Luckrun has experienced the loss of friends and enemies alike. But he continues marching forward to conquer new challenges and bring vengeance against the System Admins. His magic has grown stronger. His gravity has greater reach. And the dungeons of an invasive pantheon of goblins are up next on the chopping block.
Follow Jay as he develops his own unique path and finally gets some revenge upon the evil System Admins. He might have to lose his humanity along the way. But that’s a plus. He’ll gain greater power that’s more paradoxical than expected.
Apocalypse Challenge is book five of the series featuring multiple evolutions and rank-ups, vengeance, growing beyond humanity, and new paradoxical and System-breaking powers.



Hunter Mythos

I'm a simple man who likes to read LitRPG, watch anime, and spend my days writing the coolest and weirdest things I can imagine. If I can spend my days hanging out at the cafe, listening to music, and writing stories for people like me, that's a life worth living.



Zeno Robinson