Apocalypse Change | Podium Audio

Gravity and Divinity System

Apocalypse Change

Book 6

By: Hunter Mythos

Performed by: Zeno Robinson

Released: April 23, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 39 min

When your greatest enemies are the end bosses of the apocalypse, why not become the ultimate boss yourself?
Patriarch Jay Luckrun is one of the strongest dungeon crawlers in all of the Multiverse, but he’s still not strong enough to overcome the greatest powers of the System. The [System Master] and the leaders of the great four pantheons. While making preparations for the soon-to-come war, Jay and his familiar Kleo touch on the ancient powers of the Precursor System, a type of system that existed before the current Multiverse System. There’s more to it than what is known, more that involves Jay’s path as one without fate. Jay has been known as many things in his career as a Champion, Dungeon Crawler, supervillain, and greatest enemy of the System, but what he’ll become at the end of it all may reign supreme—if he can survive the challenge.
At the very least, he’ll have the most reliable person at his side for the greatest fight the Multiverse could witness. YoAnna Sainte-Luckrun, the woman with the greatest of destinies. Follow Jay on his last adventure and see if he gets his happy ending after all.
This is the last book of the Gravity and Divinity System series! It all ends with a sha-bang and our favorite tropes. New levels, stats, end-game skills, items, and the tying of loose ends. Follow our MC traverse the Multiverse, the abyss, enter different dungeons, and face off against end-game bosses of the apocalypse. All of the books culminate in this finale with our favorite characters.



Hunter Mythos

I'm a simple man who likes to read LitRPG, watch anime, and spend my days writing the coolest and weirdest things I can imagine. If I can spend my days hanging out at the cafe, listening to music, and writing stories for people like me, that's a life worth living.



Zeno Robinson