Apocalypse Command | Podium Audio

Gravity and Divinity System

Apocalypse Command

Book 2

By: Hunter Mythos

Performed by: Zeno Robinson

Released: August 01, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 27 hr, 13 min

A jokester gets serious and grows from strong to OP with Gravity Magic. But that’s not enough. He takes control of the System. He gets command of the Champions.
Jay Luckrun was your typical dorky weirdo. A lover of street dancing, anime, action movies, and comedy. But everything changed when a divine creature chose him to be a dungeon crawler of the Multiverse. He fought monsters in another dimension and returned home to slay hundreds of assassins.
He’s still a jokester. He tries to look past the consequences of having a System that he bends and breaks. It’s fun gaining new levels, stats, skills, loot, and magical powers while teaming up with the most interesting people ever. Why stress over the small details?
But with more power comes more responsibility because the Champions need a strong and unique leader to face the Apocalypse.
The gods plot revenge. The assassins lurk in the background. The rules of the game are shifting and turning more monstrous. And the world is transforming into something new, which might be Jay’s fault.
With his new life and his Chance becoming more unpredictable, Jay and his fellow Champions face harder challenges. But the changes Jay will see might push him in a direction that’s freakier and more powerful than before.
After all, he has gravity and divinity on his side. He has the power to influence everything.



Hunter Mythos

I'm a simple man who likes to read LitRPG, watch anime, and spend my days writing the coolest and weirdest things I can imagine. If I can spend my days hanging out at the cafe, listening to music, and writing stories for people like me, that's a life worth living.



Zeno Robinson