Apocalypse Conquest | Podium Audio

Gravity and Divinity System

Apocalypse Conquest

Book 4

By: Hunter Mythos

Performed by: Zeno Robinson

Released: December 19, 2023

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 29 hr, 50 min

The world is different. Survival is a fight.
The Commander of Champions thrives in this environment. His powers can only grow stronger from here.
Commander Jay Luckrun has a lot of names. One of those names is Beheader of the 72 Immortals. Everywhere he goes, many people and creatures are afraid of him for what he’s achieved with his overpowered magic. Their fear is so great that Jay and his pantheon are facing the greatest fight Earth has ever witnessed—A war with the USA.
But there’s more at stake than total war. The mightiest person on Earth is involved. Chance might not be on Jay’s side this time around. And the secret the [Godling] of Challenge and Change has been hiding for so long might finally break out and change Jay forever.
Growing stronger and stronger comes with consequences. But damn it all, the power is thrilling. Might as well go all out. Might as well take everything with a big conquest!



Hunter Mythos

I'm a simple man who likes to read LitRPG, watch anime, and spend my days writing the coolest and weirdest things I can imagine. If I can spend my days hanging out at the cafe, listening to music, and writing stories for people like me, that's a life worth living.



Zeno Robinson