Battlemaster | Podium Audio

Victor of Tucson


Book 5

By: Plum Parrot

Performed by: Robb Moreira

Released: May 21, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 15 hr, 19 min

In the fifth book of this action-packed fantasy series, a young Earthling continues his seemingly endless quest for glory . . . but to what end?
It feels like a lifetime ago that the young, irreverent Victor Sandoval was pulled from Earth into an existence of battle and brutality in a mystifyingly magical world where the more one fights, kills, and survives, the greater their levels, class, skills, and attributes. And right now, things are pretty freaking great for Victor.
After causing the usual amount of mayhem elsewhere, he and his warrior-maiden ally, Valla, have finally taken a portal back to Fanwath—loaded up with more powers and treasure than they know what to do with. But stumbling upon Fainhallow, a school for studying the art of magic, Victor uncovers a revelation that shakes him to his very core. 
And such personal chaos couldn’t come at a worse time. Because the advances Victor has made are pushing him to the brink of losing all control, awakening hidden aspects of his spirit and threatening to transform him into something very dark and very, very deadly. But then again, on Fanwath the deadlier you are now, the more alive you’re bound to be later . . .
The fifth volume of the hit LitRPG adventure series—with more than 750,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!



Plum Parrot

Plum Parrot is the pen name of author Miles Gallup, who grew up in Southern Arizona and spent much of his youth wandering around the Sonoran Desert, hunting imaginary monsters and building forts. He studied creative writing at the University of Arizona and, for a number of years, attempted to teach middle schoolers to love literature and write their own stories. If he’s not spending time with his dog, you can find Gallup writing, reading his favorite authors, or playing D&D with friends and family. 



Robb Moreira