Be My Endgame | Podium Audio

Be My Endgame

By: Zarah Detand

Performed by: Joel Leslie

Released: March 19, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 10 hr, 25 min

Sometimes, the endgame is only the beginning. 
In the heated world of the Premier League, Earl Alex Beaufort, a charming Liverpool midfielder, collides on-pitch with Lee Taylor, Manchester United’s top striker. When England’s World Cup dream brings them to sunny Spain, the real game unfolds: sharing a room. Rivals to teammates to… more?
Dive into this banter-filled MM sports romance where football meets unexpected feelings. A tale where a “pretty boy” comment isn’t just playful teasing, and a kiss isn’t just a kiss. As the tension of the World Cup escalates, so does the connection between Alex and Lee.
Amidst the drills, goals, and growing team camaraderie, shadows of family legacies and personal battles loom large. Can Alex, struggling with duke-sized expectations and his bisexuality, embrace his true self? Will Lee learn to dribble past his trust issues? Get ready for emotional offsides, family fouls, and a journey of self-discovery as thrilling as a last-minute goal.
_With doses of British humor and heartwarming honesty, Be My Endgame serves up a pitch-perfect contemporary MM romance against the electric backdrop of the World Cup. Expect the unexpected—because when it comes to love and football, anything can happen in 90 minutes (plus injury time)._
_While loosely linked to Pull Me Under and_ Wear It Like a Crown, this book can be listened to as a standalone.



Zarah Detand

Author of MM romances. Loves coffee, a well-crafted cocktail, and long walks to the closest supermarket. People in love with other people is her jam, with a particular penchant for snappy dialogue and a slow burn that is all the more satisfying once it finally catches fire. Playing with tropes of the famous-meets-normal variation? Bring it on! Fake relationships? Yes, please. All's fair as long as everyone gets their happy ending.



Joel Leslie