Becoming Bennet | Podium Audio

Behind the Camera Series

Becoming Bennet

Book 2

Performed by: Cooper North, Zane Daniels

Released: November 07, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 06 hr, 18 min

I cannot stand Bennet Montgomery.
His rugged hotness knows no bounds, and his unwavering cheery disposition is maddening. How can someone be that happy all the time? His smile infuriates me.
I need to keep my distance from this man and all his Midwest charm. I have my camboy career to focus on, and I can’t afford to get attached or bogged down with his nonsense.
When Bennet receives devastating news about his mother, his grief consumes him. I don’t know what to make of this new sad side of Bennet. All I know is that his teary eyes infuriate me even more than his smile. I need to get his stupid smile back. So that’s how I wind up accompanying him home to his tiny town in rural Kansas.
And let me tell you, this California boy is not cut out for a land where fruit salad has marshmallows, and you’re just as likely to be eaten by a feral cow as you are to be chased down by an angry rooster. *Shudder*
The worst part is Bennet and I are forced to share one bed in a cramped trailer. As I try my hardest to comfort this man I can barely call a friend, I wonder if maybe that flutter in my chest isn’t just heartburn. Maybe I can allow myself to get swept up in him… just for a bit. That is if a rogue tornado doesn’t sweep me away first.
_Becoming Bennet _is a funny and sweet MM romance with forced proximity and only one bed.



Cooper North

Graham is a classically trained theater actor from the US, living and working in Paris, France (where his fluent French comes in handy!). Recipient of two Audie Awards and twelve AudioFile Earphones Awards for his work in audiobooks, Graham’s 400+ narrations run the gamut from YA to historical fiction. As a stage actor he has performed on stages all over from DC and NYC, to London and Edinburgh. As a prolific voice actor, he has lent his versatile voice to anime and animated features, and TV shows like Pokémon and YuGiOh!, as well as commercial campaigns for everything from Subway to Airborne. Visit []( for more !”



Zane Daniels

A performer from a young age, Zach has translated a lifelong love of accents, impressions, characters, and acting into a thriving career in audiobooks. With over 100 titles to his name or one of his pseudonyms, and training in stage acting, vocal performance, narration, and even mathematics lecturing from some of the best in the business, Zach has brought books both fiction and nonfiction, spanning virtually every genre to life. When he’s not narrating, you can find him performing standup comedy, deep into an epic campaign of Dungeons and Dragons, memorizing mathematical proofs, and expanding his considerable repertoire of dad jokes.