Beyond the Aetherial Veil | Podium Audio

Odyssey of the Ethereal

Beyond the Aetherial Veil

Book 2

By: Jamie Kojola

Performed by: Diana Richardson

Released: May 28, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

A heroic trio must continue to scale a soaring tower—and contend with its untrustworthy gods—in the second book of this witty portal fantasy.
Along with her self-assured dragon-cat Arkaziel and the ghostly elf Werylin, aqua-haired Aetheria has reached the fiftieth floor of the Tower of Aetherius. But she’s a little different than when she set out. For one thing, she’s a third-tier magic user. For another, her soul has been connected to the Origin, the source of Ethereal power, which is bombarding her with all kinds of emotions. Not to mention she’s having a little trouble desiring anyone but her soul-witch lover, Aoibhe. (Oops!)
Now, as the unlikely trio climbs the second half of the tower, they’ll fight flying puffer fish and packs of sharks, guard against kobolds and T-Rex team-ups, and negotiate with the hydra-like daughter of Tiamat. They’ll venture through halls of mirrors and catacombs of crystal. But hey, at least there are rewards. (An Idiot’s Guide to Core Creation,
anyone? No? How about a mango?)
Along the way, Aetheria will be further changed— in ways she can’t even fathom—by the magic that flows through her body. And she’ll learn that, sometimes, the gods have plans they don’t tell you . . .
The second volume of the hit progression-fantasy series—with more than 750,000 views on Royal Road—now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!



Jamie Kojola

Jamie Kojola is the author of the Odyssey of the Ethereal series, originally released on Royal Road. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, sewing, gaming, crafting, and playing D&D. Kojola lives in Minnesota with her two children, spouse, and three cats.



Diana Richardson