Billion Dollar Pack | Podium Audio

The Wolfverse

Billion Dollar Pack

Book 3

By: Sam Hall

Performed by: Rupert Channing, Sofia Lette

Released: August 22, 2023

Language: English

Format: Duet Narration

Duration: 16 hr, 5 min

“You’ll be perfect.”
The supercilious cow who just hired me for my dream job didn’t do so because of my impeccable filing or my ability to type 80 words per minute. She did so because she took one look at my plus-size body and assumed my smoking hot, billionaire bosses wouldn’t look twice at me. I assumed the same.
But when I meet the big alphas running Dacian Enterprises, we’re all in for a shock. Their eyes turn silver the moment they take me in, looking for all the world like the big bad wolves that want to eat me up. One of them already has—a Howlr hookup that I ghosted after the hottest night of my life.
The HR manager thought she was getting some dumpy, safe girl who’d do her job with no office sexual tension to muddy the waters. And this pack of billionaires? They’re broken, alienated from each other, with only a business to keep them together.
But I might be just the woman destined to bring them all back together.
Billion Dollar Pack is another standalone in the Wolfverse universe. Each book features a new female lead and the wolf shifter men who are obsessed with her.



Sam Hall

Sam Hall is an Australian reverse harem/why choose author who spends most of her time creating powerful heroines and the gorgeous men that love them.



Rupert Channing

Rupert Channing is a real romantic and always in and out of love - though usually in not as dramatic a fashion as the many characters he has brought to life. A regular voice with Audible, Tantor Media, Lyric Audiobooks, Blue Nose Audio and One Night Stand Studios, Rupert has narrated over 25 romance titles. With a natural Australian and flawless British accent Rupert is also proficient in American and many European accents. Rupert lives in New York City with his Fiddle Leaf Fig and with his lover only 4 blocks away. Find him on instagram



Sofia Lette

Sofia is an Audie nominated narrator also working professionally on stage and screen as an actor and singer. An Australian native, she specializes in accents and dialects throughout the UK, Europe, and US. Her sound is youthful yet authoritative, warm yet gritty; her naturalistic reads showing a musicality that brings stories and characters to life. In addition to her extensive theatre training, she holds a degree in psychological science, deepening her fascination with and knowledge of the human psyche.