Blue Marguerite | Podium Audio

The Painted Daisies

Blue Marguerite

Book 4

By: LJ Evans

Performed by: Aaron Shedlock

Released: October 24, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 10 hr, 5 min

She vowed never to forgive him…
Once upon a time, Adria Rojas had it all―a budding romance, her music, and a whole family. Then, in one year, her bandmate was murdered, her sister vanished, and the man she trusted humiliated her beyond forgiveness. Now, the only way she keeps her head above water is by losing herself in her drums.
One stupid mistake led to the nightmare Ronan Hawk has spent years trying to rectify. Just when he’s given up on ever making things right with Adria, evidence of her sister’s kidnapping falls in his lap, bringing him back into her life.
She’s determined to keep him out of her heart and her bed. Every spark reigniting between them makes Ronan a distraction Adria can’t afford. Not if she intends to bring the group she believes responsible for killing her friend to justice and save her sister before it’s too late.
But Ronan isn’t going anywhere. Not while Adria is in danger. Not until she gives him a second chance.



LJ Evans



Aaron Shedlock

Adventurous, quirky, and typically lost in his own imaginative worlds, Aaron learned the art of storytelling from his globe trotting grandfather, well known for recanting his travels to exotic locales and living among other cultures while sipping a glass of his favorite beer. A student of Meisner method acting and obsessed with books, film, music, and art, Aaron came to the world of audiobooks not only as a gifted actor, but as an avid fan, chasing after his favorite narrators’ latest work with voracious enthusiasm. In addition to narrating over 300 audiobooks under various names, Aaron can be been heard in podcasts, radio dramas, animations, video games, commercials, and infomercials all around the world. Known for his deep voice, dynamic versatility, extensive use of dialects and accents, and submersing himself fully into his characters and stories, he brings a wonderfully unique, emotional, and engaging experience to his listeners. He’s a fan favorite across multiple genres and can often be found interacting and enjoying their company as a prominent streamer in the Twitch community, playing music, sipping great coffee, or just rolling around on the floor with his pups.