Booty Hunter | Podium Audio

Harem Station

Booty Hunter

Book 1

Performed by: Savannah Peachwood, Teddy Hamilton

Released: July 02, 2019

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 08 hr, 43 min

Welcome to Harem Station, where every perversion is for sale and pleasure is the only objective.
Bounty hunter Serpint has just returned to Harem Station with a prize addition to his brother’s elite collection of Cygnian princesses. But Serpint sacrificed a lot to bring this little gift home and now all he wants is some no-strings sex with a simple, obedient girl and a bottle of whiskey. 
Enter Princess Lyra. She’s any filthy-minded rebel’s one-night-stand erotic dream. If you don’t mind her bad attitude and lack of…luster. 
Not quite the obedient girl Serpint was craving. But Cygnian princesses are hard to pass up. Even one with dark secrets. Because they have a very special, very specific, sexual talent. 
They glow when they climax. 
Lyra thinks she’s one of the strong ones. If anyone can resist an overzealous alpha like Serpint, it’s her. But his touch makes her light up like the sun. And she has never been with an Akeelian before….
They have two – yes two – super big, super thick, super long….
How long can she resist that? 
Booty Hunter is the first book in Harem Station stand-alone series, bursting with outlaw alien alphas with extra appendages, runaway princesses with erotic surprises, and a whole new world of secrets, mystery, and sex. Comes with a glowing HEA.



Savannah Peachwood

**SAVANNAH PEACHWOOD** is an Audie nominated and award-winning romance audiobook narrator & love lover. She has narrated hundreds of audiobooks for bestselling authors. She was raised in the South and now lives in the big city. She loves sweet tea, salty humor, and spicy books.



Teddy Hamilton