Breaking Through | Podium Audio

Alexa Thyme

Breaking Through

Book 1

By: Lykanthropy

Performed by: Mare Trevathan

Released: April 30, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 12 hr, 15 min

In a world filled with monsters and supernatural entities, the idea of schools and extracurricular activities being used to identify candidates worthy of advancing was a given.
Schools and extracurricular activities have been used as a way to provide early advantages for children who strive to work harder and prove themselves from an early age.
In this world, where academic success could literally mean the difference between life and death, many students develop emotional baggage. Fortunately for Alexa, she does not suffer from the problems that plague most of her peers.
Gifted with an intelligent mind to start, she realized early on that applying herself to both her academic and sports competitions was the number one way to succeed in this world. How can she do it? Shuffle studying, school work, and sports practice, all while being a teenager? The answer is simple: she has no emotions.
The only time she truly feels anything is when she increases her attributes. With that as her sole guiding purpose in life, she is determined to advance and grow her attributes as much as possible. What can a girl do in a supernatural world where the only thing holding her back is how hard she is willing to work?
Anything she wants.
How can a girl with no emotions learn to function as an ordinary student, at least for appearance’s sake? Simple, biting sarcasm and deadpan responses.
This is the story of Alexa Thyme, a girl unwilling to bend to a world she can’t relate to.






Mare Trevathan

Mare Trevathan (she/her) is the narrator of over 800 audiobooks, recording for Podium, Dreamscape, National Library Service, Audible and others. She is a Voice & Text Coach at Colorado Shakespeare Festival and the Arvada Center for the Arts; and teaches Voice Over at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. She has deep experience performing Shakespeare, but also loves new and non-traditional performance. In recent years, she performed in “Blind Date”-- pairing one audience member to one actor as they wandered the Denver Museum of Contemporary Art; directed microtheater in a bookstore and Denver’s central library for OFF Center (the immersive theater wing of the Tony-winning Denver Center for the Performing Arts where David Byrne developed “Theater of the Mind”) ; and worked with architects in Ahmedabad, India creating “dance about buildings''. She’s an Associate Artist with Local Theater Company, where she will direct “UNDONE: The Lady M Project” (which she co-wrote) this spring. Board member, IDEA Stages.