Broken | Podium Audio

By: Andi Jaxon

Released: December 05, 2023

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 09 hr, 23 min

Welcome to Black Diamond Resort and Spa…
After years of drowning myself in parties, hookups, and pain, all it takes is one viral sex tape to get me thrown on a remote island to disappear for a while. That or lose my trust fund.
Having to share a room with the one man I let hurt me is my worst nightmare. I’m the broken shell of the boy he walked away from on the single worst day of my life. I hate him almost as much as I hate myself.
This island was supposed to be a place I could rest, but instead, I’m running. From Asher Vaughn. From myself. From the scars on my heart that never healed. It hurts to look at him and see all the things we never got to have.
How am I supposed to keep him at arm’s length when he watches me the way he used to? When he touches me? When he calls me his?
We can’t be together, not off this island, the straight football star and the gay femme son of famous parents. The media would rip us apart and ruin his career.
I barely survived the last time he left me. Can I live through being deserted again?
Broken is a brother’s best friend, mm romance with some praise kink, and a broken boy in desperate need of love. Intended for mature listeners.



Andi Jaxon

Sarcastic and snarky, I love to laugh and read dark fucked up shit. I write about tortured pasts and hot sex, a happily ever after that has to be worked for. My stories tend to be a little dark but with some comic relief, typically in the form of sarcasm and usually include two men falling in love though I sometimes dabble in other LGBTQIA stories.