Burn to Ash | Podium Audio

Burn to Ash

Book 1

By: KC Kean

Performed by: Lessa Lamb, Michael Gallagher

Released: April 19, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 35 min


Rise. Shine. Sleep. Repeat. To the world.

Break. Darken. Cry. Lost. Behind closed doors.

Nothing is as it seems in the Asheville home or this hell hole town.

Then he shows up. Pushing my buttons and demanding I take more from life, be more, be…me. But I have no idea who that is. How do I fight for my freedom when I’m their bargaining tool?

What he doesn’t realize is how screwed up Knight’s Creek really is.

For all I care, the whole town can burn to ash.


Get in. Get out. Job done.

That was the plan…until I met her.

My life is dark, cruel, and dangerous. She looks like she sleeps on a bed of roses, yet her broken soul shines in her eyes, calling to me like a beacon.

She’s not what I’m here for. I’m getting distracted, but I’ll do whatever it takes to break her free from the invisible chains that keep her rooted to this town.

For her, I’ll burn the whole town to ash.



KC Kean



Lessa Lamb



Michael Gallagher