Burn to Ash | Podium Audio

Burn to Ash

By: KC Kean

Performed by: Lessa Lamb, Michael Gallagher

Released: April 19, 2022

Language: English

Format: Multi-cast

Duration: 11 hr, 35 min

Bethany Rise. Shine. Sleep. Repeat. To the world. Break. Darken. Cry. Lost. Behind closed doors.
Nothing is as it seems in the Asheville home or this hellhole town. Then he shows up. Pushing my buttons and demanding I take more from life, be more, be¦me. But I have no idea who that is. How do I fight for my freedom when I’m their bargaining tool? What he doesn’t realize is how screwed up Knight’s Creek really is. For all I care, the whole town can burn to ash. Ryan Get in. Get out. Job done. That was the plan…until I met her. My life is dark, cruel, and dangerous. She looks like she sleeps on a bed of roses, yet her broken soul shines in her eyes, calling to me like a beacon. She’s not what I’m here for.
I’m getting distracted, but I’ll do whatever it takes to break her free from the invisible chains that keep her rooted to this town. For her, I’ll burn the whole town to ash.



KC Kean



Lessa Lamb

Lessa began narrating in 2014, and now has nearly 100 audiobook titles to her credit. She has narrated fantasy, science fiction, space opera, detective fiction, and non-fiction self-help, among other genres; but the majority of her work has been in the romance and erotica fields. She finds this kind of work gratifying because she is also a staunch sex-positivity advocate and relationship communication specialist and coach. She is also fascinated by language itself, and the hows and whys of communication and speech. This deep interest leads to a love of accents and dialects, and a depth of storytelling that brings images more fully into the listeners’ minds.



Michael Gallagher

Michael Gallagher is an audiobook narrator of over 50 titles. His genres include romance, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and thrillers. With over 15 years of experience in performance, Mike breathes life into captivating characters and carefully crafted stories. Some popular titles include: _Skyborn_ series, _Diary of an 8-Bit Warrior_ series, _Saint View High_ series, and _Goosebumps Slappyworld: They Call Me the Nighthowler_.