Captive | Podium Audio

The Ancestors Saga


Book 2.5

By: Lori Holmes

Performed by: Billie Fulford-Brown

Released: April 19, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 04 hr, 43 min

A hunter, a protector, a Raknari warrior. He is forbidden.
Raised his entire life for the sole purpose of defending his clan, Khalvir serves the chief who saved him from certain death. A death at the hands of the hated elves; a people who see him only as an abomination to be destroyed.
Now a captive in his enemy’s clutches, Khalvir must find a way to escape the mysterious elf witch who holds him. An elf whose motives remain shrouded but whose very presence calls to his soul, threatening to turn every truth he has ever known into a lie…



Lori Holmes

Having had a misspent youth devouring everything science fiction and fantasy, Lori enjoys reading and writing books that draw a reader into new and undiscovered worlds with characters that are hard to part with long after the journey comes to end. Lori's debut novel, The Forbidden, begins an epic journey into the Ancestors Saga, retelling a lost chapter in humanity's dark and distant past.



Billie Fulford-Brown

Billie is a multi-award winning narrator based in London, who has narrated over 130 books. She won the 2020 One Voice Award for Best Audiobook Narration Fiction, and has many Earphone Awards. Her main genres are YA, Fantasy, and Romance. Billie lives with her husband and two daughters and records from her professional home studio.